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Large smoker to be auctioned on Nov 14th

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I hope this is ok to post if not please let me know.

I was doing some looking on a site called Auction zip and found a large trailered smoker to be auctioned off soon in Olathe, KS.
Alot of times people don't know anything about smokers so might be a great deal for someone. ( if someone does end up going I would be very interested in the price it goes for)

Here's a link to it with more info

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I have it marked and will try to go...

I know the auctioneer, I have been to his auctions before...

The one I went to I became his new best friend when it was a slow day and I ended up starting about everything he auctioned and ended up making his sale a success and didn't even get stuck with much... But everything went for more what it was worth than just the starting bid...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Good luck Beer, hope you get a great deal on it.
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Well that same smoker was listed on Craigslist for 700 dollars Beer B Q posted a link but the link stopped working so it was deleted but it would be interesting to see what it sells for at auction
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Since it is the day after my Birthday I am going to go and see if I can Steal it...icon_mrgreen.gif If not NOBODY else will...PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

Thanks Jerry, I thought that was the same one...
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Well...the proper way to thank Jerry and myself would be to get a great deal on that smoker and have Jerry and I over for some 'Que. LOL

Wouldn't you agree Jerry?
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I would venture to say that it won't bring anywhere near the $700.00 that it was listed at...

Not this time of year anyway and if I am lucky the ones at the auction will recognize me from other auctions and not want to bid against me.

I have a Take No Prisoners Attitude and they don't like having to bid against me...LOL

Up until the last few years I had permanent bid numbers with most local auctions...
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Good luck and keep us updated.
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I'm interested in seeing what that goes for as well. Smoker looks great, looks like the trailer needs a lil maintenance. Would love to see you get that for a couple of hundred...
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Looks like it might be an alright deal if it can be had reasonable. Just
looking at the picture I would say that someone put some thought into it.
It looks like it has got a pull-up tabletop on the pitmaster side unlike
the one that yers truely did one time. Don't really remember the reason I had for that.. Might have been ''Uncle Jack's '' influence.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

The long wheelbase seems a bit much but when U consider the ''operator's'' position there ain't much place else to put the wheels. A good place for charcoal and wood storeage/hauling . The long wheelbase
makes for good hauling and backing and there shouldn't be much weaving
while towing. The one thing I ain't too keen on is the round bottomed
firebox. because of ashing up quicker than a flat bottom box. But there are a lot of them out there that work real well. good medium/large size
cooking area. Looks like it uses the cooking chamber and wood box as
part of the frame system. I know you ain't no rookie but it looks like if you check the wheel brns and towing attatchment and tires U are ready to take her home. don't look like it would be much problem to covvert to reverse flow if U wanted to. A bit of maintenance and paint and
FIRE ER' UP.. Hemi..PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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That is surely a nice smoker and I would like to see how much it goes for myself.
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