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My New UDS and Seasoning Fatties

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Well, after getting my new drum and scrubbing it out Thursday, Friday I drilled 2 3/4" vent holes and 1 1 1/4" hole to accept a 1" ball valve. I've read that putting an elbow on the ball valve restricts the flow somewhat, so I went up one size from the standard 3/4" valve. I also cut the bottom out of the drum with a sabre saw and ground the rouch edges down. The Weber lid fit this drum perfect without having to do any hammering on it at all to get it to fit. Once that was done I drilled and installed the u-bolt grate supports and drilled and installed the thermometer probe port. I've got a thermometer ordered from Bubba, but until it comes, I drilled a hole under the second (lower) grate and stuck my turkey fryer thermo in there. All that was left to do was to put the top, now the bottom of the drum back on and season it. I ran up to Krogewrs and bought a can of their cooking spray and used the whole thing up all over the inside of the drum. I cut the bottom out of a 1lb coffee can and kept the plastic lid. I filled the can with the lid on with charcoal and dumped it in my chimney and lit it. While that was firin' up I set the can in the middle of my charcoal grate, minus the plastic lid, and layered charcoal and hickory chunks around it until the basket was full. When the chimney of coals was ready, I dumped them in the coffee can, then lifted the can out with some channel locks. I grabbed the handle of the basket and lowered it into the drum.
I left all the vents open and in 10 minutes it was up to 250º, in 30 it was at 350º and at the hour mark it was at 450º. I let it run up to 525º and shut it down to bring it down to 220º. Once it hit that temp, I stuck two plain 1 lb sausage fatties in it and let it run for 4 hours. It was windy out but it held at 220º - 240º beautifully the whole time. Saturday morning we had some great fried egg sammies with sausage fattie slices in them.

Drum's Marked

Holes drilled and 1" valve in

Grate supports in

Thermo in with helper

Bernie says "Where's the bottom?"

Charc basket

Charc basket loaded

Hot chimney of charc in the middle

Thin and Blue

Heatin' up

Traditional seasoning fatties

Ready for Saturday's breakfast

There's more things I want to do to this yet, but I needed it ready for this Thursday, so I hurried it up. I have to do 6 hardboiled egg breakfast fatties for Diana to take into work with her to feed the staff. I still want to put in another thermo port under the second grate, install the thermo from Bubba when it comes, put the handles on it, come up with a wheeled base for it and paint it all up pretty. But the paint job won't happen until next Spring.
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John that is sweet!!!!. Congrats on the work and that helper is just a dynamite looking friend.points.gifThe fattties too..
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Nice Job.....looks like building a UDS is more popular than peanut butter and tuna fish sandwiches. HA HA
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Nice job there and good looking meat.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good job, thanx for sharing.
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Great job, you'll love that thing!
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Good job,and good foodPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good job. Way ta break it in!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice Job on the UDS and a great way to break it in...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Real nice job.
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Nice looking drum and fatties!
Why the 90 degree curve on your intake?
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I didn't want it stickin' straight out of the drum, 'cause my clumsy butt would be bustin' my ankle on it, plus I'm kickin' around an idea to add a steel rod to the handle of the valve to operate it without bending down and it has to be positioned that way for it to work. That's why I went with a 1" valve instead of the usual 3/4". To allow more air in because the elbow reduces the flow a little.
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Nice. How much $ do you have in it. I've got one sitting in my garage just waiting for me to take the time to do the build.
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I've got about $100.00 wrapped up in it. I know I can get the parts cheaper and can probably get the price down around $75-85.00. but I was in a hurry. I'll do better shopping around next Spring when I build the next one.
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nice job cant wait to try mine out
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Thats a great job on both of them too the smoker and the fattie points.gifare well deserved for everythignbut next time show us the slicing pics of the fattie.
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Great job!
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