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Meat Thermometer

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I don't know if this is where I should post this? But seeing as how I'm new here,here we go.I tried out my new smoker this weekend with near disaster results.The heat reader on my new machine does not work..
Where should I look for a good digital thermometer?
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Here's a good place to start.

And here's a thread you may find interesting about stock thermos.

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There is a section for meat thermometers...look toward the bottom of the forum list below the wood smokers. Look around this section and you will see places to buy and reviews

I bought my Mavericks on ebay

Hope that helps
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Thanks guys.
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A good reliable thermo meter is as important here as a box of matches. Alot of folks here like the Maverick E-73 but if you buy one and test it first before you ruin a good hunk of meat. Just boil water and put the end into it and it should read 212 or really close. Then you get some ice water and do the same thing and it should read 32. When you stick your probe into the water make sure that it doesn't hit the sides of the glass or pot.
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What Mark said.

I got an E7 Maverick at Amazon at a good price.

Welcome and good luck!
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I have a Maverick et-901 that I got off WOOT at a super Price and I just bought 2 Accurite remotes from them for 12.95 each...

If you watch them they run them every few weeks...

I also have 2 Taylor 1470N digitals I got from here...
They have good prices on several major brands...
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get a backup

I have a couple, Walmart had digital food thermometer for under $20.

I also have a ET 73 which I need to mod to get it to work further than 35 feet. I think folks have been buying them for aound 40-45 delivered.

I had to send my first ET 73 in for repair when I first got it, customer service was great, turnaround fair, product fair. But I think it is the only duel probe and remote thermometer on the market.
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