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First Fattie/w Qview

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[/IMG]I took my first try at a fattie today.It turned out great.The only thing that saved a almost smoke disaster.icon_wink.gif I also put on some short ribs,a squash and a cabbage.I had to much heat on the short ribs.The cabbage didn't have enough heat and the squash made it in pretty good shape.

I found my heat meter don't work worth a damn.Got to fix that right away.This was my first smoke with this smoker,so I wasn't going to go with a very expensive cut of meat.My wife even commented that every once in a while,I make a good decision.icon_smile.gif All in all it was still fun and we never quit learning.The eating wasn't all that bad either.

I hope you enjoy the pics and don't hesatate to poke a little fun at me.icon_wink.gif

I'm trying on the pics.
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OK..I'll start.. What pics?????tongue.gifbiggrin.gif
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No Pics that I see either...

Here is the post on how to post Qview...
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I read the post on how to post pictures.I am not new to posting from Photobucket.I get the IMG transfered and click on upload and I get nothing??
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Sorry folks.I've been trying for the last thirty minutes to get the pics uploaded.Not going to happen I guess.

AaaaaHaa!!! I think I got it now.
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Just click on the img code ( at the bottom of the pic on photobucket)..Then just right click in the post and hit paste....
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Good Job-and kudos for the effort..Trust me-once you photobucket few times it will be easy.Took me a few shots.That looks good for a first run and love the butternut-i have about 70 pounds i grew...
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Like the saying goes: No Qview and it didn't happen. For the sounds of this smoke maybe it's a good thing it didn't happen. Just Kidding. Thats is the reason we are all here is to learn and be a good smoker and to serve the best we can be. We all have made mistakes here and we and you will learn by eating your mistakes. I know I have eaten a many a let's say slghtly dark foods. So eat it and pull up your boot strings and go smoke againPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Rule #1:
Never trust the Thermometer that comes with any COOKER...

Get yourself a good digital thermometer...

Rule #2: When In doubt see Rule #1...

Congratulations on your semi successful smoke, we have all been there at some point in our lives...
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Looks like you did a great job! Nice bacon weave too!!
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