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Daughter's Wedding Big Smoke - Page 2

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Great jo, everything looks good. I hope your daughter has a happy marriage.
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Congratulaitons Mark! Beautiful group picture and food too. Well done!

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congrats mark, and the food you turned out looks great. points.gif
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I just want thank all of you here that helped me along the way to be able to pull off something of this size. Everything turned out great and it was all well received by everyone there. I got so many complaments on the food and I have alot of you to thank for that from advice or just a pat on the back and saying I know you can. So a great big
THANK YOU goes out to all. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow! What a great have a beautiful family too!! Congratulations!
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Congrats on your big day. It is great that your son and daughter in law could be there via the Internet, instead of just in spirit. You did a great job on the meat and in 20 years when my daughter get married, you can take the lessons you learned and be the only Smoking engineer I will hire.
Congrats again, Great job.
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WoW, impressive, and I am sure it tasted as good as it looked. Many will remember your daughters wedding, because of the great food you prepared with love!
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Congratulations on the new Boy in your life...............

Everything lookedgreat and the girls are lovely. The food made me drool! Now, I gotta go fix something,danged Q-view!!!tongue.gif
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