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Beef Short Ribs w/Qview

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I've been a little under the weather for the past 3-4 days enough to keep me out of the woods for the opening weekend of deer season. However, I can still tend a smoker in short stints. Making my first stab at beef short ribs. Rubbed them down with some EVOO and then a liberal dusting of Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt. Got them on the smoker now bathing in some scrumptious south central Tennessee apple wood smoke. Updates to come...

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Looks like a good start, Brian..... I'm trying some beef spares for the first time today..... Happy smokesbiggrin.gif
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2 hours in and getting some good pull back. Got the taters on for some Pineywoods twice smoked taters.

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nice lookin beef ribs grouper.

i guess its beef rib day, i have a slab of dino bones on now. about 3 hours in now.
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haven't tried b-shortys yet........need to cuz they look good!
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Looks great so far.
Saw on a recent episode of 3 Sheets where they were in Hawaii and had beef short ribs braised in a coconut porter topped with some sort of wasabi sauce, since then I have been wanting to do some shorts.
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Looking good, Brian. Keep the updates coming.
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Looks good. Waiting on the big finish
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It looks Great so far, nice job...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I'm stuffed. A touch tougher than I expected, but VERY tastey.

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Those are some good looking ribs there brian. We like those twice potatoes around here too. What kind of glase did you use or is that just bbq sauce cooked in?
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I likey! Nice meal there...beef ribs are just so darn good!

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