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Chix and ribs

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Well i woke up to a beautiful day here in N. Fla.... I heard at the gathering last week that i never smoke anything anymore..I usually just dont post when i do, so I will this time.... Got a rack of beef spares-st.louis and baby backs..Also have 3 chix on the can and gonna throw on some wings soon. Just made up the rub as i went and threw them on.Here they are just going on the lang ( sorry, no prep pics)....Will update later as needed.Have a nice day..biggrin.gif

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Nice! Looking forward to the updates.
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Looks great so far...
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Looking good.Looks like a great day of smoking.
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Grub for the week! Did you invite the county building inspector over for beer and BBQ?biggrin.gif
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looking good!!!!!
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See all this time I thought someone stole your smoker because you never posted PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Looks great so far. Cant wait to see the spread.
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And lucky me woke to wind, rain and right now it is 45 but feels like 38 out mad.gif

At least it won't be hard to cold smoke a little later.
Ribs are looking great, love the fact that you have a selection going on.
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I'm in Jax Fl as well. That looks like a lot of food ya got there <wink>.

The weather is a bit colder then usual. I'm going to do a lazy man's country style pork stew on the grill today and pray the Jags can win a game. points.gif
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Wings about ready to come off and get in some sauce

ribs coming along..more later
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Was just about to ask if you were going to foil or not. Looks like you've one rack foiled and one not. Interesting. Smoke on brother, smoke on!
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Everything is looking good. Keep the updates coming. smile.gif
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LOL brian..They are all different kind of ribs..( u being a seminole and all, i will let the fact that u could have read that in the first post slidebiggrin.gif ).. The wings were so good i just put another 30 or so on biggrin.gif Tossed some in texas pete and some in SBR are the last of the pics...Happy smokes peeps..biggrin.gif

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We just looked at the pictures at FSU. You know, 2nd grade reading levels and all. LOL

Looks delicious, especially the wings. I need to add those to the smoking menu soon.
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everything looks great!!!!!!!!
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It all Looks Great, but I think you may want to do a drug test on those chickens I believe they are on Coke...icon_mrgreen.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now thats definatly a good smoke there mike. You did those ribs justice for sure. They were calling my name and you didnt hear them ? Ok so we will quit saying you don't post but you really had a bunch of food there. I like them birds too PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
I thought I gave you my # for a furture smokes.
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Great looking smoke Jax. Glad to see you're back with some serious food and great qview.
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I missed the final qview earlier, lol, had to go back and search for it. Everything looks delicious! It's nice to see you post some qview again. biggrin.gif
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