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Gouda & smoked polish sausage ABT's w- Q-view

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I have been using a new method for the ABT's the last 2 times, and I think this will be the default method for me. I split the pepper in half from the tip up to the top, de-seed, and then put a chunk of sausage, and a chunk of chese inside. Then wrap with bacon, and smoke. Very easy to put together, no waste of any of the pepper, and good heat. A hearty cheese like gouda really stands up to the smoker, melts well but not out of the pepper. The smoked sausage turns out really good as well. I ate for of these last night plus a slab + of BB ribs.





Bonus pics:

BB ribs:

thanks for looking, bronto sized beef ribs are on the menu for the early games, gotta get them on asap..
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Awesome. Great looking grub. Like the technique with the ABT's/
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Looks Great Jim...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great!!!!!!!!!!!
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thanks folks, beef ribs are on, I used a creole rub, and added a little extra garlic powder.
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Jim you were not kidding when you said you loved BB.
Nice job on everything once againPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I think I just love ribs...PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

the beef ones will be a nice snack in a few hours... After that I see at least a 1 week break from pork ribs..

I just ordered my bone-in-butt for my daughters b-day parth next weekend. In for an allnighter Friday night while I monitor the GOSM & the 6# butt.
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Another great twist on traditional ABTs Jim! Then as an added treat you throw some BBs in with the mix.
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I just used 3 of the leftover ABT's(sliced up), and topped some nachos with them. mmm.. abt nachos...PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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abt nachos I had for lunch:

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that can't be bad!!!!!!!!
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ABT nachos? What a great idea!!!
If I'm able you get nothing more than points and admiration from me for the wonderful idea.
ABT nachos...Mmmmmmmmmm............
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I'll be trying the chisoxjim abt method next time around...those look so good! And the nachos...perfect football snack!! I take it, you're a Bears fan?
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They were good, I am a Ravens and Vikings fan, kind of a bittersweet game today.
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HA!!! Watched that game today - at least it was one hell of an exciting game! Can't complain about any game that comes down to a field goal attempt in the last seconds of regulation. The Ravens made a heck of a comeback, so I was rooting for them to win it (I don't really have a rooting interest in either team). But, alas, Favre still has that touch, I guess.
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Wow is all that can be used for the new Abt's and the ribs look awesome and then you throw in some nachos great job there Jim.
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Great idee on the ABT's, I wil be trying that style.points.gif
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I was worried with how well these peppers would hold the melting cheese. The gouda held up great, very little if any leaked out. I have to do about 2 dozen for my daughters b-day party this coming weekend, plus an all nighter with a bone in butt, and a few dozen chicken wings.
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