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Search does not work

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Hey guys,

Newbie here, doing research on ECB and WSM and ABT and all that good stuff. I know there is tons of useful information in these forums, but unfortunately the forum search tool does not work at all for me so I have to post what are likely to be FAQs.

Here is a formal bug report. Am I doing something stupid, or is search broken?


Forum search doesn't work

1) Go to Charcoal Smokers forum: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...play.php?f=108

2) Observe the following threads show up in the list:
"UDS Smoker Questions"

"Uds >?"

"UDS Build(s)..."

3) Click "Search this Forum" on right side above msgs. Type in "UDS" (without double-quotes) in the search box, and hit GO button

Actual: Search results screen shows up with "The following errors occured with your search: 1. Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms."
Expected: Search yields at least the three threads observed in Step 2), as well as many others.
Notes: Using default search criteria of:
  • Search by Key Word : Key Word(s) "UDS", "Search Entire Posts"
  • Search by User Name : User Name field is blank; Find Posts by User, Exact name is checked (same results if unchecked)
  • Find Threads with "at least 0 replies";
  • "Find Posts from "Any Date and Newer";
  • Sort Results by "Relevancy in Descending Order";
  • Show Results as "Threads";
  • Search in Forum(s) : "Charcoal Smokers"; "Also search in child forums" is checked.
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Stop on by roll call and introduce yourself and your smokers/grills. This will give other members a chance to give you a warm greeting. It's all good my friend.
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Words have to be 4 letters long and that sometimes is a problem. Not sure exactly what the reason is.
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