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awsome smoke and great prep work...will be keeping a eye on this one.
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Looks reall good. Nothing like a long brisket smoke.
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More QView

Alright you Qview whores, I've got more pictures for you.

After resting for 1.5 hours

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Smoke ring got a little washed out by the flash

Had to render the fat in a frying pan

The flat with some of it's own juices, the rendered fat, and a good dose of rub.

Some of the slices I saved for dinner tonight, at my wife's request. We don't discourage my wife from eat Que, she rarely asks to.

I've got them in the oven at 170 in a tray with it's own juices covered with foil.

So far tastes great. Pulls apart easily, slices easily, and nice and juicy.

I'll let you know how the burnt ends turn out.
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Looks great, and you can definitely make out that beautiful pink color.

Good luck on the burnt ends.
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Great job.Nice smoke ring.Glad your wife requested somepoints.gif
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K I'm droooooling. Very nice! Let us know how those burnt ends turn out, I may need to start saving the fat too!
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I don't remember who it was that said it, but it was someone on this board. They said that the reason you shouldn't turn the flat into burnt ends is because of the low fat content in the burnt ends. That's what gave me the idea of clarifying the fat and adding it in to the flat cut for burnt ends.

For a 15.3# brisket I feel like there isn't a lot of meat.
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Dinner (fingerling mashed next to that brisket)

Burnt Ends

So I have tasted the burnt ends. Wonderful stuff!

I hope that you all enjoyed my post!

Happy smokin!
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Very nice.Thanks for the internet plate....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great, so did you find the burnt ends worth the extra several hours of smoking?
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Very nice!
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I'm pretty new to brisket, so excuse me if this is obvious to the rest of you, but why honey? And why on top of the rub? Does the honey replace the sugar in the rub?
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Yes I did. It was wonderful. I made chili with 2 lbs of it (

The rest I ate as "sliders" as well as on hamburger buns, and of course gave some to friends.
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I like the taste :)

I feel it just adds a bit of sweetness and helps make a rub "paste". Just a preference. Something I picked up when I was filming the competition guys.
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