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Big A$$ Brisket, should I be scared - with Qview

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I was planning on doing Dino bones or a Chuckie this weekend. I couldn't find either cuts that I was satisfied with. But I did find a Packer Brisket. The smallest one I found was over 15 lbs.

Am I insane for taking this on? My wife thinks so PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif



I'm saving the fat. I am going to render it down so I can add it to the cubed flat and make the majority or all of it into burnt ends, which I just love!

Injected with FabB mixed with Apple and pineapple juice. You can see it has held as much as it can take :)

Rubbed and covered with Honey. Into foil and the fridge for a nap. Will pull it out tomorrow morning and get it on the smoker. Looks like I may be in for a long one tomorrow :)

Hoping to have some good burnt end chili on Sunday. Will have more qview and reports tomorrow.

Have a great night all!
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Yah beat me by 2 pounds!

I'll be doing a 13 pound one and burnt ends tomorrow, starting hopefully at 7-8AM. Cya early tomorrow morning with the blue smoke!
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And from the sounds of it late tomorrow evening as well. :)
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I will be watching this all weekend with great anticipation.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like a great start!!
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Amen, Hallelujah! That is FAN tastic...I wish I was free tomorrow in order to try and smoke something half that awesome.


I will for sure be checking SMF for updates on this thread! From what I can see - you're off to a great start.

Good luck, and hang in there!

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Great Start, Looks like a nice one...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Done 19 pounders trimmed.I do em 250-260.but honey would prolly burn with the sugar.Good smokes to you.I compete a bit and got away from fab,but to each his own.Basicaly use beef broth injection now.

Looks excellent.Will tune in.....Paul kirk is darn fine man!!!!!!!!!!!
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You won't have any problem at all! Just be prepared for a long smoke. I have a 17 pound and a 13 pound in the freezer. I may do both at once. It keeps quite well in the freezer. Good luck and don't forget the rest of the Qview.
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I have a couple of brisket going tonight. One about 8 lbs and one about 11 lbs so they are both foiled right now and I plan on thaking them to 205 and serve it tomorrow at our daughters wedding.
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You know you nailed it when the meat is falling over the sides of your cutting board.
More qview, pleas. Things should be kicking right about now!
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Up at 8, got the fire going (yeah a little late but with the stress at work I needed a little more sleep).

Smoker settled into at 235 around 9 so I put the brisket on, now just adjusting the temp back up again.

Qview (really we are all just Qview whores aren't we?)

On the smoker, more rub on after it came out of the fridge with the extra fat to clarify.

Packer fat

And of course, TBS
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I just woke up (6am PST) and am on my way starting my smoker. Apparently I get to see the sunrise...
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I love seeing the sunrise, but the way my body works it should be after a long night of too much adult activity PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Temp is holding steady on the smoker, just adding a log or two at a time, keeping them on a "standby" position near the fire but not in it, adding as they get ready to burn. Working pretty well.

Using Apple, Maple and Oak, my favorites, though I may through some grapevine chunks on in a few.

Enjoy the smoke. Looking forward to your Qview
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3 Hrs. in, 140, now in foil.

Almost good enough to eat already PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

The fat is not rendering quite as quickly as I hoped, though there is some fat in the bottom of the pan. I've covered hoping this will aid in liquefying the fat. have more fat I can throw in a pan and render if need be. Worst case scenario there is always vegetable oil PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Looking good chef. I'm not so sure about the injection ingredients, but who knows, it probably will come out great. I have not yet done a brisket but am looking forward to doing one.
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Looking good so far, any reason you decided to foil at 140?
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Looking good.Nothing like a day of smoking.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Mostly because of the color. I liked the way that the brisket was looking, not burnt but that dark redish brown color.

Amazing, 7 hours and already at 190.

In the oven for an hour then we will prep it for burnt ends.
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I foil at color i like as well.Closer to 170,but not like this smoking stuff is written in stone...

I smoke em 250-260 and cook less then hour a pound.I get excellent results and never felt need to cook em all day if i get what i like...

Looking great.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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