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London broil

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London broil was on sale at the store, how should i cook it... grill or indirect?

i want to cook it like a big ole steak!!
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My favorite way is to sear it in the hot grill, then rub it, then smoke it to about 140...Slice thin against the grain..mmm good..Happy smokes !!
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Yep-REB i always grill em.Back then iwould marinate in a red wine/garlic deal and grill it.Have not seen good deals here for long time and would be a toss up between jerky or grilled.Meat stores are sure strange-for years-10 years ago some beauty londons and nothin for 5 years at least.
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I like to marinade in MoJo Crillo overnight then smoke to 140 and slice thin after a rest in the cooler. Sometimes I pin some bacon on and other times I don't
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That sounds excellent.Learn something everyday!!!!I sure wish we could get londons at a reasonable price.Definetly has to be cut like brisket across grain for tenderness.
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I used to marinade them in Itailian dressing and then grill it to med and cut it up for fajitos or just thin slices and then maybe jerky or something.
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Definitely some mojo crillio for the marinade. I usually think about removing it around 135ยบ. Slice it thin.

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that looks nice
My mouth is wateringPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Been there and done that... good tip my friend.
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ok a little late but heres the london broil pic, sorry i only got one pic

i seared it over a medium hot fire for 5 mins per side then indirect for another 10-15 was great will do this again!!! ( since i have 3 more in the freezer icon_smile.gif)

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This is what I do as well. I marinate it the night before or inject it as well. My father lives with me and likes his meat well done, so I don't cook these as much as I like, because I like my london broil to be medium.
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How long does it typically take to get it to 140 on the smoker?
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Hey Fad, It really depends on the thickness of it and how long u sear..Plus the smoker temp..I just always do mine to temp--- 135-140 range.. And marinating them is also really good too.....
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