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some pork spare ribs w/Qview

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3 racks of pork spare ribs that im doing for family coming down this weekend. I have a pork shoulder that im doing as well but that's in the fridge thawing out...i used 3 different rubs with rubbed on them...I will update the pictures Sunday when i start up the smokers...

later and happy smoking
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Looks like you are off to a great start...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Keep the Qview coming...
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What rubs did you use on them? I hope there isn't a lot of salt in them, leaving a lot of salt on the ribs that long may dry out the meat.
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Sounds like your well on your way to greatness with the family for sure. I'll check back later and see how they came out.
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i just used the mcormicks grill mates, pork and sweent n smokey rub...there mainly a sweet rub... and im also going to make dutchs backed beans...and i saved the skirt meat from the back, man my fridge is smellin good
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boy dinner is lookin good...
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We wouldn't know!
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Hope the smoke turned out well. Did you take the membrane off those bones?
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Looking good there.
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Alright fire it up.
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Looks great. Nice job.....
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Those aint done yet????????
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sounds like somebody is hungry!
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Just watched Baltimore loose to Minnesota and getting ready for the Tennessee now would be a good time to have a plate full of queue
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You might want to use Photobucket instead of using attachments for your photos, it makes viewing them easier...

Here is a thread on how to upload them and post them to the forum...
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