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Welcome to the herd
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Glad you here with us. I know just what you mean. When I first joined, I wanted this smoker, then I read more and wanted that one, then a different kind. I look back at some of my firsts posts here and see how far I have come with the help of members on here. Hope you stick with it as it will be fun watching your progress.
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Hey RaceyB...thought your name sounded familiar. :) Thanks!
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Greetings 'Spence', and Welcome to the 'community'.

Enjoy your stay at
Settle in and have fun.
Any questions, plenty of experts... and make yourself at home.
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Welcome Spence.
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Welcome to the party - glad to have you with us
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Hello Spence,
I am new to the site and to smoking meat also. I have the Smoke Hollow 38". I have used it twice in the past 2 weeks for smoking spare ribs.
The first smoke I had trouble with high heat, I had to leave the door open to stay any where under 250F. So on Monday I called Smoke Hollow and they told me to turn the valve to high and light the burner. Once the burner is lit, instead of turning the valve ccw to the low setting, turn it cw towards the off position and I should get a real low flame. I tried it and it works. The 2nd smoke was 3 slabs of ribs and I was able to maintain 220F to 230F with the door shut tight.
The other problem I had with the smoker is that the meat drippings leak out of the floor of the smoker and run down the leg of it and onto my deck, making one h#ll of a mess. I took pics of the leaked grease and emailed them to Smoke Holoow asking them for a solution, but I have not heard back from them.
Does anyone here know of a fix for this other than putting a can under each leg?
Also I am going to try NOT soaking my wood chips next time as it takes for ever to get a smoke going with wet chips at 220F to 230F.
Anyway enjoy your smoker and I hope my tips help you out.

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Thanks for the info about adjusting the burner.

I used a makeshift tinfoil tray on a rack below the chicken to catch drippings. Took tinfoil and rolled the edges slightly to keep grease from getting out. I know this won't work so well if you have a full smoker. Just an idea if you got a empty rack to put below the meats.

I was gonna soak my chips for the next smoke, but maybe now i wont. I think i'll put them in tinfoil and poke holes in it. The apple chips i have burned up pretty quick. The hickory chunks lasted a couple hours tho.
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