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What spices go with which foods?

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I have gotten into buying a good number of spices lately. Particularly from the Spice House. In the past I was just a salt, cbp, seasoned pepper and seasoned salt guy with a little garlic salt thrown in here or there.
The number of fantastic spices to be had is unreal.
Well, since I started smoking and getting into various rubs etc. more varied spices have found there way into all my cooking.
So what I have been doing is when I want to make something I search the net for recipes of that particular dish.

I compare ingredients of about a half dozen of those recipes and find the common denominator spices and use them. Which works fine but it gets time consuming.
I know for alot of you seasoned (pun intended) vets here combining what spices with what foods is a no brainer. But for some of us less seasoned newbs it can be confusing.
I found this little basic primer and printed it out.
Should be a timesaver for me and maybe for others here as well.
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Thanks for the link
looks very useful
Thanks for sharingPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well that list had soups, vegatables, salads...... BUT NO MEAT!!! biggrin.gif

Sacralige! A no meat link on a smoking forum!..... just kidding!

Good info, thanks!
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Sometimes going "outside the box" isn't bad either. Jalapeno peanut brittle is awesome :{)
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Did someone say Jalapeno peanut brittle? Holidays are near....
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Thanks for the link that should come in handy for sure.
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>>>Sometimes going "outside the box" isn't bad either.<<<

after my recent jalapeno jelly experience (who would have thought to mix those two concepts?), i must wholeheartedly agree.
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