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Walnut smoked chicken with Qview

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For my next experiment in smoking meat, I picked up some chicken legs and thighs that were on sale. This time I decided to try using some black walnut that had grown too close to my gutters. ;) I had trimmed some limbs earlier this summer and cut some disks that I dried in our oven. For this smoke in my mini-WSM, I used one piece about 5" in diameter and two inches thick. I tried scorching some of the bark over a gas flame and didn't find the smoke objectionable so I left the 3/8" bark on. It included some of the dark heart wood as well as lighter outer wood and bark.I split the wood into smaller chunks - comparable in size to the briquettes.

The chicken was brined for several hours and then I rinsed and dried it before coating it with peanut oil. I applied no further seasoning because I was more interested in the flavor that the black walnut smoke would impart.

Cold outdoor temperatures - about 45° - and persistent drizzle kept smoking temperatures low ranging from 210° to 230° until the water in the pan boiled away and temperature climbed to 280°. That was three hours in and I just took the chicken off and sealed up the smoker.

As the chicken cooked, the walnut smoke gave it a deliciously golden color. Three hours later it had darkened a but, but no where near what I would expect to see from something like hickory.

The flavor was also light and delicate. I would almost say sweet.

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Looks good!
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Chicken looks great...
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Nice looking legs there, yummo.
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Very interesting using black walnut. Would have thought it to be a strong smoke.
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Dang Those look good...
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I got a huge old walnut tree I gotta bring down . looks like I might not pile it ALL by the curb after all.. Hemi..PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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I have used alot of walnut making furniture with it. But I have never smoked with it but it doesn't grow here. It looks awesome and I hope it will smoke for you. The chicken legs look good but how was the smoke flavor.
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You never know until you try I guess.

I'm not sure how to describe it. I would say that it was on par with maple (box elder, actually) in strength but maybe a little sweeter. Neither is a strong smoke flavor but I like both.

I'm just saving stuff I trim on my suburban lot and (except for the Chinese elm) I'm trying it out in a mini-WSM to see what kind of flavor it produces. I have wild cherry, mulberry, black walnut and recently took down a box elder. There is also some lilac that needs trimming. One of these days I'll ask the neighbor across the street if his oak needs trimming icon_mrgreen.gif

And yes, it was very good even without any seasonings or finishing sauce.

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Looks great.
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LOL, if serious wood turners see this they are going to cringe.
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