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Cryo-vac beef round???

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I can't recall the proper name of this cut. It is huge. Believe it is made up of the top and bottom round? Has anyone ever bought one? I would like to buy one and cut it up the correct way. Trying to save money, things are tough.
I have been to several sites and have not found a good break down of the various parts.
I will go to BJ's soon and get the proper name and talk to the butcher. Last time I did that he/they were kind of gruff.

If this should be in General Discussion I apologize.
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Not sure but maybe you can find it in one of these threads
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If it is round with one flat side,fat on the round side and a flat belly with no fat,it's an "inside round." If it is long with one side raw meat and the other with a thin cover of fat it is a "bottom round." These are packer terminology's.If it is both pieces together,It is called a round.It is the hind leg of a cow without the knuckle or sirloin tip as it is sometimes called.
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Flash that pastrami looks good...
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A whole round (cross section - whole round steak)


can be divided into two pieces:

Top Round (inside round)

Bottom Round (gooseneck)

The top round can be cut into top round steaks

or cut into halves or thirds and tied up for roasts.

The bottom round can be sectioned into eye of the round

and bottom round

and rump

Getting late, will have to expound on this more at another time.
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It sounds like a sirloin tip roast to me. Thats a great breakdown there Pops. It looks like he has it covered for you.
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On the whole round that is numbered, 1,7 & 8 comprise the top round (why that is sectioned off like that I don't know, it's a Bing image, but it gives markers I can use to describe the different parts); 2 is the eye of the round, 3 is the bottom round, and 4 and 5 are the femur clods of the sirloin tip when it's cut off the femur instead of seamed (pulled) off. As you can see in the picture above it, those clod sections aren't there as the sirloin tip was seamed off and the femur removed. The picture above is just the opposite, however, the round is resting on the top round, while the bottom and eye are on its top.

You may be looking at a whole inside (top) round, or a gooseneck (bottom round) or a sirloin tip (knuckle). Eye of Round is smaller and cylindrical and not that large of a piece of meat.

Before going any further, find out exactly what subprimal it is and then I can tell you the best way to process it based on what you want to get out of it.
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Good write up pops! Thanks for the info.points.gif

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I Wish! That looks great! No, this is a packer item. BULK
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Pops, you da'man!

I think we/you are on it. I believe what you have posted is the item I'm talking about. I think the monster I saw was a "Round". I'm guessing 20ish pounds? I'll get a closer look next time.
My thoughts are to make roasts out of the thing. I'm just trying to save some cash. If I buy bulk and butcher, hey what the heck.
I was at Restaurant Depot to buy shoulder clods, they were out. I believe chuck roasts can come from that? Again more money in my pocket means.....more money in my pocket.
I'll post the "real" name later.
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No problem, just let me know exactly what cut or subprimal it is and I can tell you how to maximize your yield from it and save you money.
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Inside Top Round #20

Welcome home Pops6927. I hear you had a great trip.
The 20 pound hunk of meat is an "Inside Top Round".
Do you have any insight on how I could cut it up into useable cuts? Would I be left with stuff to grind? Not that it matters, just curious. I don't really have a preferace for larger or smaller cuts. Just trying to get practical cuts at a good price.
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Bump for POPS 6927

Heard you're in town. As I stated the cut is an "Inside Top Round"
Any ideas?
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