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Filled salmon fillet with herbs

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Fresh dill
Fresh lemon melissa
Fresh sage

Cut fillets and fill them with the herbs

A little pepper from the mill

Chop remaining herbs, mix in a little oil

Put the salmon in the herbs oil marinate 60 min

Take them out en wipe a little dry
Grill to own taste

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Looks Fantastic!.... points.gif

Nice Work For Sure!
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Looks Great...
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Man that looks awesome and I like the idea of the herbs they should add alot to the flavor.
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you had me with the fresh dill!!!! salmon and fresh dill were made to be together!!! great job and thanks for sharing pix!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Beautuful salmon, Treeg....definitley a nice way to start off!

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That is beautiful.My mouth is watering.I love growing dill..points.gif
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