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Gander Mountain has their stuffers on sale

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The 15 lb is $179.99 (regularly $199.99). Just picked one up yesterday. The 5lb stuffer is on sale too.
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Good prices congrats on the new stuffer
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I forgot about thats one too when I posted their smoke vaults were on sale too for 299.00 usually 399.00 so I bought one for a big smoke or shall I say the reasone I gave the wife is that I need it for a big smoke for 80-100 people at ours daughter Wedding saturday. It worked because I now have one on the porch
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I jealous!
Trish says"Heck, no! Not even for Christmas!"
( I need another way to Bribe her.......Hmmmmmmmmmad.gif
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if you enter the code gander15 you get an extra 15% off the sale price i think it came to like $150ish biggrin.gif we just did that and its free shipping The only thing does the 15lbs stuffer still have the metal gears?
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Congratulations on the new purchase...
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I want one.....

Man that is a good deal.....want a stuffer bad but Im still stuffing with my grinder (stuffing plate) and jerky gun on short 4 to 5lb runs ...when I teach sausage classes here.....we had 5 in one class thurs and 10 fri night class.
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Does anyone know if the 15lb. Gander stuffers can be motorized by using another companies motor?
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