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Chucks Again.....Hell Yeah..w/qveiw

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I couldn't help myself, the last ones were so good I had to do 2 more!!!!tongue.gif

2 Chucks 7.08 lbs. total weight
Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning

Onion wood...at 250 degrees....

The equipment...Traeger smoker...

Lookin good...

And away we gooooooooo.....

I love these things, but hope they don't stall like the last 2 did!!!!biggrin.gif
More pics later.
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Dont hold your breath. Because if you do they may stall longer biggrin.gif Glad you liked them so much. Cant wait to see these finish.
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Looks like a great start I'll be looking forward to the big finish!! Those chuckys are pretty darn good aren't they biggrin.gif
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They're great!!!!! I only have 1-10 oz. package left from the first 2 I did!!!! tongue.giftongue.giftongue.gif
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Steve are you slicing or pulling them? I've done both and I'm still not sure which way I like them the best
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The first 2 I pulled, most likely will pull these too. They were great by itself or with bbq sauce....tongue.gif
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Looks like a great start, at least it isn't pepe le pew...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Thanks Paul. But remember, with me ya just never know!!!!
Sniff, Sniff..... LMAO
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3 1/2 hours into the smoke and inserted the probes. Internal temps. on both chucks is at 148 degrees.

Lookin good so far....

And did I mention it's raining!!!!! Never fails!!!!!!
Tick Tock, Tick Tock......icon_wink.gif
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Those are looking really good at this point, the chuck might be the fav cut of the year.
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Those look awesome I love chucks.

Gotta ask what is onion wood?????
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Got to love those chuckies. They sure are looking good.
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I was gonna ask if it was raining, looked like the ground was all wet.
Chuckies are looking great! Such a wonderful cut of meat, shame they are so expensive around here.

I'm also curious as to what "onion wood" is...
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looks good.....gotta try some chuckies!
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And the final results are in. I decided to slice these.

After unfoiling...

Cut open...

And sliced....

Hope you enjoyed the qview and thanks for looking.....tongue.gif
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Looks nice and juicy. Great post and nice qview!

points.giffor finding and using that ever illusive onion tree wood. Those things are harder to find than the first morel mushroom of the season.
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Nice Steve. Thanks for the Qview buddy.
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Man that looks good - gotta get me a chuckie soon!
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Thanks Dude.....
Finding "Onion trees" isn't as bad as cutting them, that's some really hard wood !!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif lol
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I use a Traeger smoker and it is fueled by wood pellets. The pellets are made from natural woods like cherry, maple, hickory, apple and so on.
The onion and garlic pellets are made using Alder wood and onion or garlic oils added. They smoke just like regular wood and the flavor is awesome!!!
Traeger has a new pellet out now called "grape vine" which gives a sweet flavored smoke like cherry does. You can also mix the wood pellets to get a variety of diferrent flavors. These smokers are really versatile. I hope this answered your question. biggrin.gif
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