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3 year old Habanero and a Cross-Polinated Pepper

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This hab was pulled from garden in 2007.It is root-prunned and stalk cut back and re-potted everyyear.

March.Getting first shoot established.Slow going untill junes heat...


Today.Going to make some jerk chicken and dehydrate rest....

Ran out of cayene seeds and germinated 6 cayene from last years dehydrated cayene.

True cayene

1 of 6 was cross-pollinated.

Cross on left of true.Cross has corking on skin like a jap....

Had my first volunteer jap ever.Survived hard freezes and sprouted in garden.Not as big as my germinated ones,but couldnt throw it out...

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Nice looking peppers...
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ALX you are like a pepper god!! All the pics you post sure have great looking peppers!

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Great looking peppers.... I pulled a habanero from the garden and brought it indoors... ever try growing peppers during the winter? Need to figgure out how to keep the cat from chewing on it...
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that hab plant looks like an x-mas tree!
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Thanks for sharing those great pics, I can tell you have a passion for chiles/peppers.
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You definatly have a way with peppers there alex.
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They get ripe as it cools here in maryland so plants start to go dormant.

I believe richoso1 in california gets two crops a year from his outdoor plants.

Do not have the lights for larger indoor plants,just germinating lights....

I am going to build a terarium in future in house when i move that will mimmick a tropical environment...
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