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Shoulder Skin

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I like a whole shoulder (Picnic) when I smoke one, I make sure to get one with lots of skin. They seem to taste better and have more juice at the end. That is not my question.

My question is this:

Can the skins be fried into edible traditional skins?

I tried it but the skin seemed to be fit only for football use, (tough as leather) as most of the yummy fat had cooked away keeping the meat moist while leaving the skin as described.

Any techniques out there, I would be obliged.
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I think you fry the skins when they are raw not after you have cooked them...
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But, the skin is an important part of the smoked meat, is the skin garbage after being smoked?
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yes you can fry the skins......scrape most of the residual fat off before doing so, cut into 3" squares and fry for about 10mns give/take. they are awesome!
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