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I've learned a trick where when you have fluids put a paper towel, folded up to be a thin but thick strip, right before where it seals and the paper towel soaks up all the juices. I do this when I have marinade in my bag and want to seal it with the marinade to help the marinade infusion.
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We actually use a brush and hand wash them with soap and water. We then hang them over something to dry
I have done this for 15 years and it has worked very well - At one time Foodsaver made this recommendation --long long time ago
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I have a couple of the foodsaver brand sealers and I like them and use them quite a bit. I found that if I'm sealing up something with lots of moisture like fish I put them into the freezer in a pan for a bit till they get almost frozen then take them out and seal them in bags and that keeps the juices from getting sucked into the sealer
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It maybe cheap but my Reynolds Handi-vac does a great job. The bags are reuseable and the thing is cordless. Just had a steak Tuesday night that I had forgotten about in the freezer (at least 6 months old) and it was perfect.
I think I paid $15 for it - bags are a bit high but I found some on sale and stocked up - Had the unit for almost a year now and its still working perfectly.
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Just bought a FoodSaver during Amazon Prime Day. $71.00. Used it last night for the first time. Works like a charm!

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