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Libertyville IL State Championship

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October 16 & 17th. Chili cookoff, and sanctioned KCBS Illinois state champoinship bbq cookoff.
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I'm thinking about it. Any info when turn in times are? I can make it in the afternoon and don't want to get there to late.
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This is what theygave us, but says it subject to change.

PORK RIBS 12:30 pm
PORK 1:00 pm
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I couldn't have gotten up there till 2pm. Oh well I just smoke something up here at home.
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Just for your (or anybodies )info.... KCBS turn in times are always the same, unless there is a special circumstance, which would be published in any info about the comp.

Noon - CHIX
12:30 - RIbs
1:00 - pork
1:30- brisket
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