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Homemade Corned Beef

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I wanted to drop this in the beef forum. I posted on this last week but it was with a bunch of other things and I think it got lost. If you like corned beef and haven't tried makin your own your missin out. I did this one out of a beef chuck roast. Cured with TQ for 10 days... rinsed and seasoned with EVO and onion, garlic, and pepper. Smoked to 190. It is really good. Red is gonna make me some corned beef hash with some of it. This is an easy do and tender and tasteeeee!

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Man that looks good. I love corned beef, I don't know why I have not tried to make it yet. I think I could live on the stuff. Great job PignIt.......
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Wow that looks great Dave. I love pastrami, but have yet to try to cure the beef myself. Would you kindly post some instuctions. Newbie instructions-be specific.


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So pastrami out of chucks?

Looks great!
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That's the thing that surprised me. It doesn't taste like pastrami at all. It tastes like really good corned beef. I seasoned it much like I do the pastrami thinkin I'd get a pastrami out of it but its not anything like pastrami.

Dude... I just followed the directions on the TQ 1 TB Spoon per pound and I added a little onion powder and garlic powder. Let it cure for 10 days... turned it once. I rinsed it really well 3 times letting it sit for 10 or 15 minutes and then seasoned like pastrami less the juniper berries and smoked it to 195 or so. That's it. I guess the difference in the cut of meat made the difference in the flavor.
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It doesn't matter what it is it looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sorry, newbie question, what is TQ?
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Tender Quick. It is a curing salt manufactured by Morton Salt. Use it to make all kinds of stuff. Turns pork into ham.... loin into Canadian Bacon.... just a great thing to play around with.
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Looks awesome Pig. Send me some...
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That would make perfect reubens. Thanks for the pics.
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Sure looks nice. Going to have to get some of that TQ and play around.
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That looks great and thanks for posting additional info. I want to try that myself.
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Wow that is some great looking pastrami. So do I understand correctly that all you do is season with the TQ seal it up and let it sit for 10 days - rinse and season then smoke? Wha temp or time did you smoke to
Thanks for sharing this with us
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Thanks for the details. Glad you like it. Must put this on my "to-do" list. I've become a big fan of the chuck roast so we'll have to give this a go.
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That looks fantastic! Good job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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This being the chuck instead of the brisket.... it didn't take on the pastrami flavor but a very distinct corned beef flavor. As a matter of fact I smoked a couple of corned beef briskets at the same time and made a batch of pastrami. I smoke it to about 195. It's fallin apart tender at this temp so if your gonna slice it you have to fridge it overnite before you put the knife to it.
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I make all my corned beef using the recipe out of ryteks book
its a brine method and I usually inject them if Im doing roasts rather than brisket. use rump roast or sirloin tip for excellent lean corned beef or pastrami. I add garlic to the recipe, thats the only change I make to it.
you want something really good, brine a boneless turkey breast this way and make turkey pastrami! man it is good!
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What is the difference in making pastrami and making corned beef? The only thing I see that differenciates the two are the cuts of beef uses. Maybe it has something to do with the curing... dry VS brine. Sounds like you know more about this than me.... what makes the difference between the pastrami and the corned beef?
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That looks Great Dave! I just dropped a chuck roast in a brine cure for some corned beef myself. First time with a chuck Cb for me, I did a bottom round last week and it was a little firm and dry. I'm hoping the fat content of the chuck will help with that.
The only difference between a corned beef and a pastrami is the added seasonings and smoke that you do with a pastrami but the cut and cure is basically the same.
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that looks really good.......love the marbleing.
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