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First time doing Woodchucks w/qview

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Well here I go, my first time at doin a couple of chucks and using the kiss method.

2 Chucks
Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning


225 degrees

Here they are all skinned, seasoned and ready to go into the Traeger smoker.

Here they are after 3 1/2 hours and I have inserted the probes. The big one is at 148 and the small one is at 151 internal temp.

I'll be taken these to approx. 165 internal and then wrap them in foil to about 200/205.

And as luck would have it, it's raining now.....
More pics. later...
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Damn you guys with all this q-view never did a chuck but guess what im picking up for the weekend

points.giflooks good
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looking good
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Looking good oneshot. I just did mine this weekend the same way. Hope they turn out great for ya.

From the title of your post, and knowing you, I thought were actually doing Woodchucks.
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Given his propensity for cooking up critters I was thinking the same thing! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gifbiggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by The Dude Abides

From the title of your post, and knowing you, I thought were actually doing Woodchucks.

I just new that would get yer guys attention!!!!! biggrin.gif LMAO
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After a 3 hour stall I just wrapped them in foil at 164 and 163 degrees. Back in til they hit 205. But they looked and smelled terriffical!!!!! tongue.gif
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Gotta add me to the group, I wasn't sure till I say the pieces of meat...icon_rolleyes.gificon_mrgreen.gif

They do look good though...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Gotta keep y'all on yer toes, adds to the suspense cause y'all just never know what I might come up with next. LMAO biggrin.gif
On the other hand, I just pulled the 2 woodchucks off the smoker at 206 and 202 degrees. It took approx. 8 hours to do these. That might be some kind of a record stall and smoke time for the chucksters. They are all wrapped up in towels and in the cooler to rest. I need some rest too.
I think they'll be ok for the night in the cooler and I'll pull them in the morning. I'll post finished pics when I pull them. tongue.gif
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Looks good....so far. Let's see those final pics!
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Well, after being wrapped in towels and in the cooler for 8 hours I hoped the chucks would still be hot but they were only warm at best. I figured I'd try to pull them anyway hoping they wouldn't be to hard to pull. Surprisingly they were very easy to pull which told me they came out very tender. Boy, was I right. The chucks were very tender and even though the were cooled down they still pulled easily. As for the taste, even cold the taste was great. Now I gotta warm some up and make me a sammich.

Here's a couple of finished pics.

Thanks for looking......tongue.gif
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Looks great man

points.giffor your "woodchucks" They look great.
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Thanks Dude. Oh, and that "Onion wood" smoke gave them a nice flavor. I gotta find out were they grow "Onion Trees"......icon_question.gifPDT_Armataz_01_05.gifbiggrin.gif
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Looks wonderful. Been thinking about doing a pulled chuck roast. May have to do this weekend.
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Looks Great Oneshot, my wife loves when I smoke up some chuckies. Alot of times we will crosscut them and serve them on a plate. A little fat to work around but great flavor.

What wood did you use? I haven't seen onion pellets for our Traeger.
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I used "Onion", yep, you read it right....from the ever famous onion tree....lol
Oh yeah, Traeger has a bunch of flavors and a new one called "grape vine". Check out this link for the different pellets.


Ask your dealer if they will order them for you. I've tried almost all of them and it's a great switch of flavors.tongue.gif
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We like smoked chuckies at my house. Try to keep a couple on hand to make my Shredded Beef Enchaladas.

When I saw that you had onion listed as your wood I thought "What the heck??" But then I saw the Treager in your sig line and it clicked-Ol' oneshot runs a pellet pooper. Heard that they were making pellets in different flavors-didn't realize that "onion" was one of them.

Nice looking pulled beef.
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Thanks Dutch. Yeah, Traeger has a number of different pellets for my pooper...LOL
You can check out the different types here: http://www.traegergrills.com/share/pellets.cfm

Plus they have another new one, grape vine......biggrin.gif
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Looking yummy!
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