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Finally get to see TBS

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We found a used Lang 84 with warmer down in Kansas City when we went to watch the Royal, cleaned it and seasoned it last weekend and this past Saturday smoked a brisket and about 16 chicken breast.

I have smoked the past few years with 2 MES and a Traeger and have never seen TBS, but now with the Lang, amazing, I finally get to see TBS

I think I'm going to like this Lang
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That nice white background makes the blue smoke look even blue-er.
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Congratulations on finding the TBS Curt. And by the way, looks like a good find on the Lang too.
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What a find... Outstanding! I know you will have a lot of fun times with it..
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Congrats thats the same model Lang I have and I think your really gonna like it
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congrats on your find......and tbs!
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Great find on the Lang and look at that smoke! Very nice. Congrats
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gifgotta love a fine looking smoker
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifCongratulations on the find and the TBS
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That TBS is just a beautiful sight to behold isn't it.
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Glad you finally found the TBS. Welcome to the would of the stickburners.
Gotta love a Lang!!
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Kurt it is going to smoke great for you , it was trained in Kansas City...

"Kansas CIty, BBQ Capital of the WORLD"...icon_mrgreen.gif
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That's some nice looking smoke ya have going on. Congrats.
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Nice looking smoker but what's all that white stuff on your grass?biggrin.gif
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It would be nice if we were done with the white stuff for the winter now. icon_wink.gif
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Mind if I ask how much you paid for it? I would love to find a used Lang. That exact same model. There's a guy down the road from me with the same Lang without the warmer. I stopped and looked at it this past weekend, nice unit.
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we paid $2500.00 for it, is that high or not I'm not sure, we were going to be down there to watch the Royal anyways so we drove the truck instead of the HHR so we could tow it home.

There was a Lang for sale on craigslist a few weeks back in Rochester Michigan, not sure if it still there
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Wow, now that I look at it (in your profile pic) and re-read your original post, that is the exact model he had. He has 2, a Lang 60(no warmer) and the 84. I thought you had the smaller one. Nice buy. He paid $5000 for both of his (together), and I believe he drove to GA to pick them up.
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yep, join the lang gang and you can't go wrong with it and the tbs looks great. makes me want to fire mine up right now
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Congrats on the thin blue it's a sign of greatness. The lang is a great smoker for sure. I was lucky enough to use jerry's and it was a blast and we had a good smoke with a whole (2 halfs) pig and a brisket and 2 butts and then alot of potatoes.
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