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Beef Roast,First Roasted Corn and First ABT's with QView

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First of all, this is our first QView, we have learned so much from everyone here already and we are trying a few new things. I started not to post them but my wife reminded me that if we don't share our failures then we aren't getting better ourselves or helping someone else that haven't tried something. So here's our dinner.

We recently had my wife's niece and her husband over for some smoked meat on the Traeger. We are new to smoking but have fell in love with the thin blue smoke, now, we're addicted. We decided to smoke a couple of beef roasts, attempt some ears of corn and try our hand at some ABT's inspired from many of you here. The roast turned out delicious, as did the corn, but the ABT's....not so much...overcooked them.

Roasts with Jeff's KC rib rub (minus cayenne, we have 3 year old twins) after sitting overnight.

Roasts going on the smoker on "smoke setting" temp was 180 degrees.

First ABT's, packed with cream cheese and covered with slices of muenster.

Added the bacon and toothpicks.

After about 3 1/2 hours put the roasts on foiled pans, added the ABT's and bumped the heat to "medium" setting, about 225 degrees.

Also added the corn at the same time on a extra rack above the meat. (our little Traeger was packed)

After about 45 minutes at 225 here's my burnt ABT's.

The few we were able to salvage.

Roasts after 4 1/2 hours.

Smoked corn, these were delicious.

The finished product, with some mashed "taters".

My buddy Kenny said the ABT's were still good.

All and all the meal was really good. I am not sure where I went wrong on the ABT's. Cooked too long? Cooked too hot? I'm gonna need a little help from all of you on those.

Thanks for viewing,
Eric & Lora
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Very nice cook, everything looks great. ABTs too.

When I do ABTs I core the pepper and then fill a zip lock bag with cream cheese. Then I cut a corner off and use it to fill the peppers. I then wrap a full piece of bacon around the pepper. I normally cook around the 240 mark and let them go till the bacon looks done. Using this method has served me well.
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What temp were you cooking the ATs at? I usually let mine go 1.5ish hours.
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I did the ABT's at 225-230 for about 45 minutes. But I cut them in half and filled them.

P.S. Ellymae, we like your dog pic. We just got us a charcoal lab recently.

Thanks RickW, I like the ziplock bag trick, will try that in the future. I notice others had cut the ends off and cored them but how do you core them out. My apple corer was too big so thats why I halfed them.
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I have found that if you wrap the bacon around the pepper, then it tends not to burn. I usally smoke at 230, till the bacon is done, if I stuff with meat I pre cook prior to stuffing. I don't know if smoking on top of foil makes a difference.
See photo below

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that works best for me too........
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Chefrob, how do you core the peppers?
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I just use a potato peeler, works great.
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what rick said would be a wise choice........i use a small knife after removing the top.
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Nice job, but I can't help on the abt's. Too hot for me, lol.
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Thanks RonP for the help on the making the pics bigger. I went back and fixed them all.
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Good job, man they look great. Glad to help.
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It all Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hi Pepe, I believe part of your problem may have been in resting the peppers directly on the foil. The foil transfered the heat directly to the pepper causing it to burn.

Check out my step by step ABT post here and it may help answer your questions.

I also have a Traeger. It seems to me that you're using way to much foil. Use the foil on your drip plate under the grates, but use the grates for resting the food on while smoking. Also, the meats don't really begin to take in smoke til they reach an internal temp. of 100 degrees. So when you put the meat on your Traeger start it at medium until the meat internal temp. hits 100, then you can switch to the smoke setting to really blast it with smoke.
If you have any other questions feel free to send me a PM, I'll be glad to help you...

Good luck!!!!!
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Thanks oneshot for the info, have now tried it your way and it seems to work better for getting more smoke. thanks

I am going to be ordering a digital controller this week if I can come up with the cash.
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Congrats on a (mostly) successful smoke.
Looked like a great meal, not sure what went wrong with the ABTs, maybe the pan picked up too much heat?
Whenever I do ABTs I lay them directly on the grate and don't have a problem with that.
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Thanks fire it up, seems that is where I went wrong. I have heard that from alot of you successful ABTers. I will make that adjustment for the next ones.
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Very nice meal you produced.Thanks for the Q-VIEW!!!!!!!
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Good job, even with the ABT's. This is a learning process, it will all come together. Thanks God for this forum and the fine people on it.
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