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I'd like to give this a try, too.  Thanks for the great recipe and instructions!


My wife loves mac and cheese.


So I may just have to make a batch of this while she's out sometime and serve it up to her when she gets home.  It'd be fun to see what she thinks.


I, too, would like to know what temperature you ran the smoker at for this.



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I made this for the 2nd time this weekend and it is consistently the best mac-n-cheese that anyone has ever had.

I added some fried up bacon chunks and it could have used some more but I was in a hurry.


Note to anyone who hasn't tried this yet - don't get caught up in the specificity of cheese types.  Cheddar dominates the flavor as does the smoke and - in my case - the bacon.  But the firmness of the result is awesome.  I served it at an outdoor party and it tasted great hot, warm and cool at the end.


BTW, I set the Smokin-It at 230 degrees and it cooked for about 90 minutes.  I'm pretty sure 15 minutes less or 30 minutes more wouldn't have negatively affected the flavor.  I made 3 batches - 2 on 1 shelf and 1 above.  All 3 had different amounts of brown on top and all 3 were awesome.  I put in some hickory chunks but there wasn't a distinct hickory flavor - more of a general smoke and toasted cheese.

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Every time I see a post about smoked Mac n cheese I just about drown in my own saliva! I have yet to make this my own self , but I vow on my ancestors that I will do this before I die.
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Man do I love me some smoked mac an cheese! Yours looks awesome.
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It’s looks so yummy.  Macaroni and Cheese superb combination. I will try this recipe definitely.

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