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Tritip, Country Style Ribs and Wings with QView

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First time doing any of these meats much less all at once. Was gonna just smoke tritip but figured I'd try CSR and wings at the same time because they were on sale and so cheap.

I marinaded the tritip and CSR in a root beer / Pappy's mix overnight and injected both of them with the marinade before putting them in the smoker.

I brined the chicken with the following brine (first time ever brining chicken)

2 qts water (filtered)
1/2 cup sea salt
1tbsp garlic powder
1tbsp onion powder
1tbsp paprika

I just did one package of wings to try them out. Tossed some in Franks. Tossed some in Lucille's BBQ sauce and seared on the grill. Both were just fantastic and juicy and moist. Can't wait to do a big batch for a bunch of friends.

I loved the country style pork ribs. So easy and cheap and great flavor. Will definitely be doing these again.

The tritip was pretty good. Next time I'll try a different marinade as I'd like more flavor. Came out extremely moist, though and the smoke flavor was killer. The tritip only took 2 hours and 10 minutes and it was a big one.

Did 50% hickory and 50" apple. Wanted to mix in some cherry but none of the hardwood stores near me carry cherry wood.

Chicken in the brine:

All meats in the smoker. Put tritip in first, then ribs, then wings. Next time I would put the wings and ribs in at the same time.

Wings done:

Wings with Franks:

Wings with Lucille's BBQ Sauce and seared:

My son Jackson loved the wings!!!

Wings gone in about 5 minutes:

Country Style Ribs done:

Tritip, finished earlier than I thought it would and was wrapped in foil for about an hour. There were a ton of juices when I unwrapped:

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Looks great. Glad everything turned out great.
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Wow, points to Jackson. Really, it all looked very good.points.gif

Thanks for sharing.
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Good Lookin wings!!! My kids eat them up too! I have 3 kids and have to do at least 36 wings if I am going to get any!!!!
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everything looks like it came out just fine....cute kid!
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Looks Great... Someone looks like they liked them...
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Yeah, he had two wings and 1/2 of one of the CSR ribs.

And that a lot for him. Kid doesn't eat much. Sure doesn't get that from me... PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Looking good. I am on a wing kick here lately.
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Nice wings i bet they was tastttty
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points.giffor trying 3 new things at once!
Love the shot of your kid with the bone in his mouth. That's awesome. Future smoker in the making!

Everything looks great. What was your final temp on the tri-tip?
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Final temp on the tritip was 150. Then wrapped in foil and put in ice chest for 1.5 hours (finished earlier than I thought it would).

I'm thinking next time I would go a bit higher on the final temp. I like my steaks rare (bloody) but for some reason I like my tritips more well done. They seem to have more flavor that way.

What do you cook yours to?
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If you slice the tri tip against the grain it will be more tender. Folks spend long hours prepping and cooking tri tip and then make in more tough in just minutes of carving.

I am not trying to be critical----I want you to have the best tri tip ever. I started cooking tri tip in the early 80's in Santa Maria Calif and I have been cooking tri tip in large quanities for many years. Sometimes as many as 20 cases per day. PM me for details----you are fairly close to me----maybe we should get together for a tri tip experiment.
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