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2 Chuckies & 1 Dudestrami in the SNOW!!! - Page 2

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Dude I think the world of you, I believe you are an all round straight up good guy.

But Dude when you post pictures of Sn.... sno....snnn uh.. I can't even say it. When you post evil pictures of that stuff. I begin to wonder if my assessment of you is correct.

Here I am way up here across the northern border of the USA more than a few miles farther towards the pole and we don't even have it on the hills near here. There is 9000 ft mountain visible to the south of me that is clear of the stuff.

PS That is some of the nicest qview I have seen and points.giffor the first smoke in the snow of the season.
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nice looking smoke........and a great game too!
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Chuckies - newbee here.

I've never smoked a "chuckie" before but saw a couple of posts on the forum talking about how good they are so decided to try this cut of meat in my smoker. Yesterday our local grocery store had Chuck Pot Roast (boneless) on special for $1.99 lb so I had the butcher carve me a couple 5 lb roasts. I'd love to know (in detail) how to do one of these. It looks like these are smoked in an aluminum foil pan? Are there any other differences?

Can you do a "Chuckies for Dummies" run down for me?
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Thanks for the comments everyone. Yep GnuBee it freaking snowed yesterday. I wasn't too happy about it either. I keep thinking maybe just one year mother nature will forget to give it to us. Guess not this year.

Hey SmokinRon. I did NOT smoke these in foil. If you look about halfway through this post you'll see all 3 pieces of meat directly on the grate. I encourage you to smoke one (or several) of these. It's a great piece of meat to smoke for shredding/pulling. Moist, flavorful and a pretty darned easy smoke. I did EVOO and Grill Mates-Montreal Steak Seasoning for th rub, but you can use pretty much whatever it is you like to rub your beef with.

Smoker ran between 235 and 250 using lump charcoal. I used Cherry and Mesquite wood for smoke. When they 165, that is when I wrapped them in foil. I did not add any liquid since there's plenty of fat in these Chuck Pot Roasts that I don't feel I need any. But it certainly wouldn't hurt you to add a splash of whatever you like to use.

After foiling I put it back into the smoker and let it cook until the internal temp hit 202. At that point I pulled it off (left in the foil) and put into an empty, room tempature cooler, and packed a few towels around the meat to keep it hot. I then let it set in that cooler for 2 hours.

Then it's just take it out of the foil, grab a couple of forks and go to town shredding it.

If you have any more questions, feel free to post them or send me a PM. Happy to help in anyway I can.

But it is a great piece of meat for smoking. I've done a few of these now. Here's a couple of links if you want to look through them and see if there's any other info you find useful.

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Here's why I moved from upstate NY to Texas....

Oswego, NY:

Outside Barnes Corners, NY on Tug Hill:

When we got snow, we got lake effect!
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Great job as always Dude!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
But don't you dare send any of that white stuff next door!!!!! biggrin.gif
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Thanks Pops, I saw this and passed out!!!!!!! eek.gif LMAO icon_lol.gif
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Those are pictures after the blizzards are over.

Here's what it looks like during the blizzards...

0 visibility!biggrin.gif
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Both look great. Thanks for the info about soaking the brisket in water. I'm gonna give it a shot.
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Thanks Blue. I soak because the sodium content on this particular brand I buy is over 1100mg per serving. I don't have any heart problems that I know of (knock on wood) but that's an obsene amount of salt. One thing you should do, is to slice a small piece off and fry it in a pan and give it a taste test. If it's too salty, give it a nice cold bath. Then you can fry test again.

Pops, that is crazy! I think I'd have to move too.
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Great looking grub Dude! I can't believe the snow, I guess I should be happy we just got our first frost a few days ago, it's cold here but not that cold.
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The heck with the snow thing but the food thing looks really good as usual.
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Pops you're killing me...LOL
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That is crazy. I am still trying to get my grass mowed...
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