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Cold Morning - Smoking Brisket in MO

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Good morning happy campers,

Its 38 degrees and the GSOM is calling me!!! My Mother In Law even came up from the basement to ask "whats burning!!!" (no comment on the M-in_L living in my basement!!!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif)

With my faithful Max, the Smoking Hound, at my side, we journey into another 12 lb packer!!!

Here is some early Qview...more to come!

Using Mustard...and my normal rub...

Faithful Max....the Smoke Hound!!!!

Into the Smoker!!!

Check back for finished Qview!
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Hmmm....OK, I promise no more bad pics!!! I will use the good cam, instead of my blackberry (it was the closest camera this morning!!!)
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Sounds like you're in for a fun day of smoke. Keep us informed of the progress and don't forget the finished shots. I sure like brisket!
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Yep it's cold everywhere in Missouri! Good deal on your packer, not so good deal with your M-I-L.... PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Keep us posted with some more q-view!
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Looking good.Last nights low on the bay was 65 degree and humid.
Strange weather.
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159 degree Plateau for the last 90 min....but thats ok...only 5 hours in, I was surprised to see it reach that temp...

Having to adjust heat as the day progresses...
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Looking Good...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Your pics are okay it is the size that needs work, 1600X1200 is way too big, especially if a member is on dialup.... If you resize to either 800X600 or 640X480 they would be perfect...

It is 38 degrees here in KCK also, weatherman just said may get to 29 Degrees tonight... icon_rolleyes.gif

GOOD BYE SUMMER, Hello WINTER...PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Thread Starter was early :-)

I resized the pics...and added one that I missed. We are passed the plateau...and almost there!!! 9 1/2 hours in we are at 190 degrees...

I foiled the brisket at 160...though it didnt make a difference in the plateau :-)

Qview soon...after I wrap and cooler this bad boy!!!
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Love the Xray Vision on the Pooch...
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OK, its late, but here are the finished pics from today's smoke:

Dogs Cleaning the Deck for us!!!

Separating the Flat from the Point.

Point is cut up for burnt ends...(possibly my favorite part)

Not a bad smoke ring...

Possibly the best beef burnt ends I have done!!! Burnt End on Bun with Slaw on top for tonight!!!! A regular Martin City Mayor!!!
(of course I also chowed down on the flat too...)

Max the Smoke Hound shared his smoked vittles with his sister Sadie...(not looking forward to the Hound Gas that will be generated from the smoke!!!!)

And that about wraps up the day! The Q was dead on, and very tasty! I was very pleased with the results. All total the smoke took 9 1/2 hours plus an additional 3 hours for the burnt ends...not too shabby for a 12 lb packer!

Thanks for viewing,
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Great looking Qview, Thanks, yummo.
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very nice!
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