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a quick search on craigslist...
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Lots of pallets are made of hardwood. If you can recognize hardwood from softwood you should come up with wood easily. Bout every store gets some things in on pallets.
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Don't forget all the Oak trees and Mesquite around Santa Barbara. I would think Manzanita would work well to since it is a nice hard wood.
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Wood Splits

A great sorce for wood is the firewood guys on San Fernando Rd next to the 5, 14 split. West side of the frwy next to sunshine canyon. There is three or four buisness's there. Most of them have walnut, oak and assorted fruit.
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There ya go, I'd skip on the walnut though, not a good wood for smokin. At least that's what I have read.
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Don't know which part of LA you are from since LA is huge.

In the San Fernando Valley? In Chatsworth on Topanga Canyon, north of Devonshire offers a huge variety of firewood, Oak, Citrus, Walnut, Apple. You choose.

Other than that, Craigslist. I know of someone who owns a Cherry farm who offers cherry wood.
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I have not read that about Walnut. From what I have read, it is simply recommended that you blend walnut with a lighter smoke wood since walnut can be overpowering and bitter. So.......if you mix walnut with or cherry, you should be fine.
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This might not sound as cool as going to some orchard and asking an old farmer if you can buy or even have some of his trees that have been cut down but did you try BBQ's Galore? Did anyone mention this place yet? Sure it's aimed at city folk from LA like you and me but hey they have it so buy it. They have pecan, hickory and mesquite in burlap bags. The price isn't as cheap as going to farmer john in the country and asking him for his wood but hey you can get it at BBQ's Galore easily, I did. I got pecan because I was tired of using mesquite and hickory. These are chunks that you don't have to cut down to size. They are about a foot long each and pretty thick. I go to the one in Pasadena. Just went there today and got some Bone Suckin' Sauce. They have BBQ's Galore in the SF Valley about Sherman Oaks or Woodland Hills, something out that way.

Oh in Pasadena on Colorado near Rosemead Blvd but not quite that far they have a wood place. He sells mostly to the fire burning types, you know wood for fire places but he also sells some for smoking. He has different types of wood like peach, mesquite, apple, hickory, oak and so forth. You just have to go and it depends what he has in stock at the time. If I had the name I'd give it to you but I don't. I think it's on Colorado near Target, the big Target store.
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