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Ive got the 84 with the warmer and I use the warmer for all sorts of stuff. I really like cooking my beans in it. I like also because I can put soemthing like chicken breast while Im cooking butts and dont ahve to open the big chamber and loose my heat. I cook all my little snacks in there for when Im doing a long smoke. I cooked a whole hog on the fourth and cooked breakfast in it, fatties and Bacon wrapped sausage. I even cooked sevearl pies in it. Both were frozen store bought pies and everyone was suprised how good they were....get the warmer....I got some posts on here that shows teh inside of mine withs tuff in it... And so far as teh size, everyone told you staright, get teh biggest you can get. I thought that teh 84 was going to be a monster and eat wood like candy, but thats not the case. I will fire mine up just to smoke a few ribs or a chicken but when everyone knows Im going to fire it up it seems everyone wants to come by so teh smoke always seems to grow....You will love it.....Check out my posts I have a ton of pictures of mine