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Picked up a pre-cooked/smoked ham today. Plan on smoking it to go along side a smoked beer can chicken this weekend at the cottage while we're closing the place down for the winter.

I did a large ham last Christmas and I wasn't happy with the rub or the mop. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for a rub and mop?

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I've never done a pre-cooked ham. I have cured a butt and smoked it like a ham. I keep it really simple. I rubbed it down with honey then sprinkled a little brown sugar, onion powder and garlic on it to smoke it. I don't mop either.
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Personaly i do not use a mop or rub.I double smoke with light friut woods and glaze.

I glaze with 1/2 oranges juice-said oranges rind grated in pan and heat up with honey.Makes a great glaze and allows the ham flavor to come thru.

Sure that someone has a rub that will come along-I just like the ham to speak for itself.....with some fruity,sweetness added

This is a smithfield i did with peach wood


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I've done a couple of hams and just do them as they are, no rub.
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Nice and simple; I can appreciate that. Maybe a touch of honey and orange juice to glaze will be a nice touch.

Thanks guys.
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Heres one that looks pretty good too
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