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Acu-Rite Wireless Digital Cooking and Barbeque Thermometer $12.99 On WOOT

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Woot has a cheap thermometer on today.


Acu-Rite Wireless Digital Cooking and Barbeque Thermometer $12.99 $5 Shipping
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which would be a better thermometer...this or the maverick....for the money?
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Acu-Rite Wireless Digital Cooking and Barbeque Thermometer

I found and bought the same thing at Wal-Mart in Joplin, Mo for $19.95.

I like it because I can hear the alarm beeper.
These old ears can't hear high freqs very good any more.
But, I can hear this one.
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I just picked one up. I hope it works well.
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I hope so too, I bought 2 of them at that price...
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if thats the same one walmart sells? i returned mine, it was reading ok then out of nowhere it was reading way high. maybe just a bad one but i dont like the delay it takes to get to actual temps i guess because of of being wireless
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Maverick ET-73.

Better feature set.

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Paul why didn't you tellme about this last weekend so I wouldn't have gone out and bought another thermo meter. I could have bought thhis one and a brisket to use it on. Dam the luck.
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With all the bad reviews the Acurites have had I don't know that I'd want to trust a $25 brisket to a $12 thermo. icon_rolleyes.gif

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I purchased one and it seems to be working fine. Geeez for $12 bucks it's a great bargain.
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dave -

i must ahve gotten a good accu-rite. it was spot-on accurate, but unfortunately the insulation on the probe wire couldn't stand up to me opening and closing the lid, even tho i was careful.

it only lasted one summer, but it worked great while it did.
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I posted them 10-08-2009, 12:09 AM only 9 minutes after they went on sale... icon_mrgreen.gif

It was a 1 day only sale ...

You need to check www.woot.com every day for their sales as they are only one day and sometimes only for an hour or till they sell out...

I bought a pair of them for backups...
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Returned mine to Wally World after one cook. POS in my opinion. Either I got a bad one, or they are just junk. I prefer my maverick's and oregon scientific's.
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I got one of these on woot and it worked great until I washed it. I had this one in the UDS for a smoker temp ,it was run through a potatoe.Well the dried on potatoe junk was stuck pretty good so I thought a good soaking would do the trick...well it didn't ruined it.Now I get the instructions out "DO NOT SUBMERSE THE TEMP PROB" we my fault so I called Acu rite and wanted to buy a new probe,well the don't have them so she sent me a complete digital /wireless thermometer no charge.Thought I would share this with the group.Good service in my book.biggrin.gif
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bill -

what was the number you called? i ahd an accurite over the summer and loved it - it was very accurate and worked well but the probe crapped on me - would love to see if i could have it replaced.
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I called 1.800.0565 and went through the phone menu and I believe they had me call 1.800.1252 .they are closed right now but try the first # and they will give you the option to get "ACU-Rite and I talked with a lady named Candie.Like they say "You don't ask You don't get"good luck
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thanks, bill!
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i got the number (877.221.1252) and they are indeed sending a new probe - thanks again, bill!!
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a little follow-up to this discussion.

i contacted accurite and they not only sent a new probe, they sent a new unit plus another probe.

this one seems to be just as accurate as the first, and the enw design of the probe seems much better. instead of being covered with a typical plastic insulation, the probe wire has a tough, flexible insulation similar to braided radiator hoses.

three cheers for accu-rite customer service!
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2 of my accurite probes busted over the last few months and then my trusty maverick died on me too this past weekend. I came to this section to research thermos and read the above post so I said why not and called. They're sending me out 2 new units!! I'm so tired of spending $15+ for thermos that break so I'm glad I read this thread. The CSR mentioned she is sending me a unit that is designed for smoking, a new one they have.
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