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I Am Celabrating With Dave Seared Beef Back Ribs W/Qview & Paul's Rub

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I wandered in to Kroger's for a look see. No beef ribs. Asked a guy and he said he would look in the back. Came back out and said no. On the way out I had to use the bathroom and when I came out he was standing there with these.

1.99 a pound, hand boned by the butcher from the prime rib with plenty of meat, not the previously frozen, mechanically boned.

Put some Yoshida's for sticky.

And rubbed with this. Thanks Paul.

Getting seared. I had to be careful and turned down the Weber because the first ingredient in the rub is brown sugar and will burn easily.

Perfect, the flavor was good and you can see on the middle where I cut the meat it was still rare.

More to come and thanks for watching.
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Good score, Ron! Too bad they didn't have more of them. When rib roasts are on sale here, I usually buy two whole ones. Makes two big racks of ribs and a lot of rib eye steaks.
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Nice one! I like that price, too.

Keepin' Carol happy sure does look fun...and tasty!

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Looking good Ron.Will check out results tomorrow.
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Looking real good Ron...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looking Good! biggrin.gif
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Looks great, Ron. i just love beef ribs.
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That is some good looking beef ribs. Will have to check out some of my local supermarkets. There are very few real butcher shops nowadays.
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Sorry it took so long to post with calling the insurance company, customer service for puter ETC.

I wanted them like I used to do on the Weber but with a good smoke flavor.

When buying beef back ribs the thing to look for is this description, they should say fresh, that means a butcher boned them, not some machine. If it says "previously frozen" you will get the mechanically boned ones with no meat, a total rip off IMHO.

All done after about 3 hours.

I lowered the smoker to 160' after about 2 hours and poured some smoke to them.

Nice and med rare for me. A bit of grissle but not greasy either.

Here they are cold tonight. Plenty of meat to chew on. I can now just steam them up to temp and they should be great, or I could foil in liquid and make them fall off the bone.

Either way you do them I think the most important thing is buying them fresh.
Thanks for watching.
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OK, your descriptions of the different methods for processing the rib section makes sense. I know I've walked away from way too many slabs of dino bones, just because that's all they were...bones.

Good info to know, thanks Ron!

And again, good lookin' grub!

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Those look great Ron. I think beef ribs are always underated and overlooked.
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Man..... those are Shweeeeeeet!
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Just a beauty RON.I will not begin to talk about the insursnce companies..

Serve No Quarter my Friend!!!!!!!!!My Uncle sold that Stuff!Insurance..
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They look Great Ron...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Look really tasty! Nice score. And, thanks for the explaining the difference . . . I had absolutely no idea. I will look for this in the future.

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I am glad a few members picked up on that. No meat as low as .99 with meat 1.99. I'll take the meat ones.
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What was your opinion of the rub?

I just got a large bag yesterday from Daniels of the rub he is going to start marketing.
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I thought it was good. I usually don't use rub but it tasted great. Very marketable.
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Thanks for the info Ron. Just started getting my meat from the actual butchers. Found this to be usefull info although we done have a lot of beef over here, the main two tyes are pork 1, chicken 2nd. I've never smoked any beef ribs before, might have to see if I can get some from the butcher. I found this site this morning while browsing around trying to figure out my exact cut of meat. http://members.shaw.ca/masterbutcher...rocessing.html

Lots of info. Later, Charlie
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