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Home Cured Chuckies and Strami!

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I decided to celebrate the fact that the truck only went through the brick fence and not through the front of Ron's house. I started these chuckies a week ago last Sunday. That makes 9 or 10 days in the cure. I've done this once before and it turned out fantabulous. Here are the chuckies seasoned up and ready for the smoker. I fired up the Joe for this smoke today. Beautiful outside and lots to get done around here so I could tend to it.

Decided to throw on a couple of store bought corned beef briskets while I was smokin. Here they are all seasoned up and ready for the smoker.

Had a couple of nice tenderloins that I had thawed out to cook and decided to wrap them up in bacon and smoke them too. I think simple is better so these got just a little seasoning and wrapped and into the smoker.

Everything into the smoker.... a few chunks of hickory and holding steady at 235. Time to smoke.

The tenderloins usually take a couple of hours so I didn't check them until I gave them the usual time. The one over the firebox had hit 178 and I'm thinkin OoooooooNooooooo! I've dried it out. The other one was at 145 so I left it on. Took the done one in the house and wow. I guess the bacon wrap kept it from drying out. It was very very juicy and barely made it through the picture before being devoured.

Nice shweeeeeeet pink shmoke ring. I didn't let it rest... I cut it... did the photo shoot, and ate it.

The brisket and chuckies have a long way to go yet. Had to go ahead and post the tenderloins. I'll be back later with the strami.
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Very inspatorial-I like it! As always makes me hungry!!
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Very nice! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man with food like that maybe more fences need to be crashed...icon_mrgreen.gif

That looks great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man that is a great looking smoke you got going there. By the looks of the GUM pack on the counter looks like you are prepared for that sticks to your teeth program- LOL
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That's funny.... I wondered after I posted it who would mention the toothpicks. I had my teeth cleaned yesterday and they gave me these things to try. They are little toothpicks with little rubber thingeeez that you use to floss between your teeth. That's funny.
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looks like good eats tonight!
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I've got both the tenderloins off now. One is gone.... the other is resting. I'm gonna have to start counting taste tests as a meal. Here are the cured chucks on the left and the corned beef briskets on the right. They are all close to 160 degrees. I took them off... sprayed them with cherry juice and wrapped in foil and back to the smoker. I'll take them off at 200. If it gets too late and the fire gets too cool I'm going to set the MES to 200 and leave them in it overnight.

This is a lot of strami sandwiches for $34.00!
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Those look great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking loins, I need to make some more pastrami again. That was by far the best thing I've made yet.
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[quote=PignIt;365233] I started these chuckies a week ago last Sunday. That makes 9 or 10 days in the cure. I've done this once before and it turned out fantabulous.

What did you use for the cure? Everything looks good.

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I used a dry cure with Tender Quick. I allow a day of cure for each 1/4 inch of thickness to the center from the thickest portion of the meat.
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Those tenderloins look unbeleaviable Dave.points.gif
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Just pulled them both from the heat. Each one is between 195 and 200 degrees. I let them both rest for about an hour and had to taste test the chuckeee. Tasted like corned beef. Not so much like strami. I seasoned them the same but there is a distinct difference in flavor. It will make excellent sandwiches and corned beef hash. Made me a fatty plunger today and I'm gonna make me some fatties this weekend.

Here is the Chuckeeeeez.

And here are the Corned Beef Strameeeez.

I'll let them cool down... bag em up with the juices and slam em in the fridge. I'll post some pics of the insides tomorrow when I slice em up for sandwiches.

Thanks for checkin out my smoke.
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It all looks outstanding PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif now I'm hungry
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Wow! Those so look great!

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All sliced up and ready for bread. The corned beef turned out great. It is different from the last one I made as it has retained the corned beef flavor instead of tasting like pastrami. All in the cut of beef I would guess. Anyway here is the Corned Beef.

And here is a closeup.

As much as I enjoy my smokin and of all the things I love to eat.... pastrami has got to be my favorite of all time. This stuff just turns out so good everytime. I love it. If you haven't done one... go pick up a corned beef brisket and get to smokin.

I know what I'm havin for lunch. Thanks for lookin.
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What a great finish Dave.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man that looks good - I am sure there must be a sticky somewhere on doing pastrami Thanks for posting this
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