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smoked pork tamales

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seen my nana, tias, and mom make 'em but i never have......and i know why, kind of a pain but well worth it!
here are the achiote pork CSRs i did yesterday.....

nothing like the sight, sound, and smell of chillis roasting......

everything ready to put together.......

in the pot for about and hour............

i ended up making 1 doz pork and one doz chicken........should be good.
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Those look great - I will PM my address for my shipment LOL
I love Tamales - I just heard today that there is going to be a Tamale Convention in Indio CA in December
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if it is the one that i am thinking of, it is crazy! if you go you need to get there early or they run out.........

i am not big on tamales cuz i don't care for chille colorado.....i do like green and the slightly sweet corn ones. i was always more of a menudo fan at the holidays.
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There are some guys at some of the swap meets and farmers markets that get pretty exotic with them - I am still trying to figure out the dessert one I had a couple of months ago - it tasted like it had a mixture of molasis and chocolate - man it was tasty

I found the link to the festival and it sounds crazy - 70 vendors - 125K guests over 2 days
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Those sure do look good...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Tamales sounded so good I just called the wife to have her pick up some on her way home...
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