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I have followed the threads above-I guess it is nice that your science class made you a basket-BUT-you must know there are many ACCEPTABLE baskets(or whatever) that you do not need to wrestle with that are healthy or not. Hydrochloric acid? You might as well order in.

Now tell us how this was not your intention. We are listening.
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Good Lord!!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Sounds like the Science Department needs to talk to the Welding department before they make someone sick . . . or worse.

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I made my basket out of galvanized 1-inch hardware cloth attached to a weber charcoal grate. 6 months ago. Nobody's been sick or died yet from my food yet.
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But why would you risk this?

No galvanized metal inside the smoker...period. There are better alternatives, and those should be used.

Fumes could be deadly in high concentrations or make someone really sick in lower. Stuff be nasty....NASSSSSTAHY! Spend a few bucks and get the right stuff and don't experiment with your family or friends health. This should go without saying.
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Soo . . . you're offering this as definitive proof that it is safe?? Because no one got sick or died in the 6 months that you've been using it???rolleyes.gif

Good luck with that.


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I am making 6 of them for my WSM.A large sheet non-galvanized is not expensive.I have to agree that galvanized is just plain WRONG.
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Talked to the welding instructor today, he offered to burn off the zinc or replace the mesh, I asked that they replace the mesh, I don't even want to mess with it. I tried to smash out the mesh last night but it was pretty stubborn, now I have to return the basket with the mesh all smashed, here this is what I think of your work. oops!PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Don't quite know what you are saying but it was not my intention to have the basket made from galvinized, they just did it. My drawings specified 1/2no. 20 flattened expanded metal.
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The welding instructer said they have been using it with no problem. If you look, you'll find numerous sites on the web detailing using galvanized trash cans for smokers. I'll state that I have 1st hand knowledge of galvanized being used in smokers for a number of years with no ill effects.

If you actually research the temps required for galvanized to give off hazardous fumes, you'll fine they are double of better of any temp our smokers (and/or the charcoal in them) will reach.

Y'all are making a mountain out of a molehill, where the molehill isn't worth noticing.

OP--do your research and make a decision. If you're not comfortable with it, don't use it. If you are, use it. If anybody doesn't want to eat your food because you use it, more food for you. Win/win.

As for me, I'll do a couple more briskets this weekend and enjoy myself with friends and family.
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I will be honest I have not read this whole thread but I would like to stick my 2 cents in. Galvanized piping or lead solder in houses is bad enough to make land lords of any house with it to have a lead disclosure signed by their tenants. also I have 4 kids that were affected by lead poisoning. and going through ice cold baths for a 3 and 4 year old because their fever was so high is nothing I want anyone else to experience. Or the chemotherapy 2 of my kids went through to get all the lead out of their system. If you ask me and I am in college for metals as I type. It is not worth it. But if you do use galvanized metal just keep a eye out for hair falling out or the enamel from your teeth disappearing and your teeth rotting out. that is what happened to my kids and one of the only ways you find out. and most of the time by the time you know about it, it is way passed normal levels. STAY away from any galvanized anything for cooking. you can't even buy cooking utensils that are made out of galvanized material. zinc poisoning is a killer and that is what you are dealing with. sorry for the ramble I just have strong feelings about this subject. carry on gentlemen

edit : also have you seen the dangers of welding galvanized metal? high heat is not good. just not worth it
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The ill effects aren't going to show up all at once. Having it in the charcoal basket just doesn't seem like a good idea. Non-galvanized expanded metal isn't really that expensive.

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Why risk it? Have them make a new one with the proper materials.
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Most of us have done the research and are very well versed in this explanation.

however....we still will not take even the smallest risk with our family and friends ( the people we love ).

That is the only point any of us was trying to make
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I agree

Why risk it?PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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The frame is regular steel and the mesh is galvi, they are cutting out the mesh and putting in regular steel mesh, I am not willing to risk it. Thank you all for your concern.
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charcoal basket

hey smokers look at this site charcoalbasket.com
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Those baskets are $85
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Their prices are insane imo.
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Your doing the right thing. You will be so happy once it all comes together!
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