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New charcoal basket, galvinized mesh

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So I had the local tech college make me a basket, and picked it up today. It looks as if the mesh is a galvanized steel. Dang it, now what? Is there any way to burn the galvanization off? What if it is zinc coated, is that safe or can it be burned off?
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Sounds like you should let the students know. Seems like it would be a really good lesson in project management, knowing what the end product is going to be used for and what materials would work best.

Don't know much about galvanized other than do not use.
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I don't think I would use it and I also don't think you can get it hot enough to get rid of the galvanization...

Hydrochloric acid would eat away the galvanization but you would be messing with something just as bad and the fumes it created would be hydrogen gas and very explosive...
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I have burned galvanized coatings off of metal in prep to do welding, but you'll need an oxy-acetylene torch and a rose-bud tip (prefferably, not a brasing or cutting tip) to get it hot enough.

If you use this method, just keep heating on it 'til the nasty white smoke stops, then, re-inspect the metal and run over it a few times with a wire brush to be sure you're looking at bare steel. Only do this in a VERY WELL VENTILATED AREA...these fumes are lethal.

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People have died doing that.

There was a thread on the BBQ Brethren about a guy that owned a welding shop and should have known better doing that and he died from the fumes.

I'd get a different basket if I were you.

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I agree with Eric, it can be done but it is a PITA & I don't recommend anyone do it without experienced help.

My first thing would be to call the Tech class teacher and ask what it is made of. I may be wrong but I cant see a Tech Class Welding Galvanized metal.
Seems like to much of a liability to me.

If it is Galvanized I would not use it....my personal opinion
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That's a good point.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Hey CJ, if you can, post a clear close-up pic of it so we can see what you're dealing with...as more responses have been posted here, I'm starting to think it could be stainless steel. Sometimes, stainless doesn't look like stainless just because of it not being polished and getting some rough handling.

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Good Point Also, if could have been donated to the shop class and just sat collecting dust until they finally used it
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Here is the email......they make smokers all the time...

It is galvanized. We have put it in all of our smokers and have built
smokers out of galvanized metal and have run them at 300 degrees without
any problem. Do you plan on running hotter than 300 degrees?


Thank you again for the basket. I was just curious if the mesh was a
galvanized material?

My response was that although I do not plan on running the smoker above 300* but the charcoal would be much hotter and in direct contact with the basket. I will post pictures tonight, I think it can be modified.
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Some time a while back somebody posted on this same subject and somebody else posted that it would take extreme heat not normally seen in a smoker to release the harmful gases we are all talking about.

With that being said, I will still ALWAYS be VERY cautious about this issue.

I just would not want to risk anyone I feed getting sick because of something like this.To me it is far better to put that basket to a different use that has nothing to do with heat, than to risk someone getting sick

Just my .02
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I'm no welder by any means.. but what kind of shop (instruction class at that) would make entire smokers out of Galvanized?
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Welcome to Montana!
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Do not use a galvanized basket in you smoker... It is not safe...
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I think the mesh can be chiseled/pounded off then I can just re-weld new mesh in, the frame is made of regular ol flat bar. I don't want to take the chance. Just my luck.
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I don't know squat about the subject, but maybe you could return it - then give them a quick lesson on how you don't use galvanized anything in a smoker - and maybe they'll modify it for you?
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don't use it reguardless of the amount of heat output,iv'e worked in the steel industry for many year's,and i know what will happen to you.

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I don't plan on using it, it was done as a favor to me so I don't want to seem ungrateful, I do plan on knocking out he galvi mesh and replacing with regular expanded steel.
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junkie - email me at deltaforce_iktomi (at) y.a.h.o.o or contact RIVET - easy plans for a much better design using angle iron and expanded metal that you can take to a welder or to these guys.
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