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My Care Package Arrived

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Left to right.The rub tasted good. The 2 sauces were great tasting, the competition one has an interesting crunch to it and is very thick.The original is thiner and has some heat to it, both are very good. Now the last one is hot hot hot, I'll have to figure out what to use it on. Even the label says "Pain Is Good".biggrin.gif

Beer B-B-Q aka Paul wanted me to try some sauce that he likes and wanted my opinion. I explained that Carol wasn't working and funds were tight and didn't want something for nothing so I woud pass on it for now, thank you.

He insisted and shiped them to me.

I will get even Paul, thanks again.

It is amazing how many good people are here on this site. I know he didn't get the stuff for free or the shiping either.

Here is there website.
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That's what friends are for... good score Ron.
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very cool ron-yes there are many good people here in SMF.
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Always fun to try out new things. I think Beer-B-Q sent some of that "pain is good" stuff to Rivet. I checked out their website and they have some interesting things. Bloody Mary mixes etc. I can't handle the super heat like I used to. So I will pass on that.
And yep there are some good folks hanging out here.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Very Nice.Both you fellas are just alright!!!!!!!!!!
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What do you mean by the sauce has a crunch? I'm confused. Looks good from the outside.
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Thanks for the post Ron, Glad it arrived safely...

I am going to call Daniel tomorrow and see if I can get him to join the site...

I believe he is getting ready to start marketing his rub also and I am going to see if I can get some samples to maybe send out...
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It might be some onions that's all I can think of from the ingredients, Carol thought it was pickles but it wasn't on the ingredients list. It is good.
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I now have clarity upon me. Man it sounds good.
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It is good and different.
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Yes there are some really good people here you had paul sent you some stuff and I had jerry give me some tender quick because I couldn't find near me either. So I give you another good shutout Jerry.
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Lookin good

Sounds like interesting sauce. I have not made my own sauce but have been playing around with different rub recipes.
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I talked with Daniel who makes the sauce today and he is going to join us here on the forum...

He told me that he will be having several new flavors soon as everything is worked out...

He is a great guy and we will be lucky to have him here...
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