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Here's a couple more:

This is with a coat a primer an some layout lines on it.
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That one a jerry's is a rite fine drum smoker to, feller is a class act!
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Not really. The issue is mostly that the heat from the fire is concentrated in the center of the drum. The eight 1/2" holes spread it somewhat but the center is still 30° to 40° hotter than the sides.

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What if you build a fire basket that is more ring shaped with a hole in the center versus building a basket or cylinder type? Would that help distribute the heat more evenly or would it waste fuel in the long run, anybody have and ideas?PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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I tried a water pan in mine. It was harder to get up to temps and used a lot more fuel. I don't if what you suggest would do the same or not.
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Hotter center is the nature a the beast. Sorta like the firebox end of a SFB. Ya just learn how to smoke on it, takes a few runs an ya get the hang of it. Then you'll love it!

I put the bigger piece a meat towards the center an the smaller stuff outside.
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Hello from Minnesota.I'm real interested in a drum smoker and there is allot of plans recopies and pictures but I haven't seen any thing about what everyone is smoking with.Do you just add wood to the charcoal box/holder or some kind of foil pouch method? thanks and I looked on the MPLS.C list and there are drums aplenty.Bill
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I use 3 or 4 fist size chunks.
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Mine runs between 50 and 70 degrees hotter center grate, which is a little more than usual from what I hear, so I decided the 3" exhaust in the center of the lid was the reason..

I usually run my drum at 180 on the pit thermo..
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Here is a link to my build. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=76132

I have since added a Weber lid and a second rack. I love this unit!
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I use bout a 1/3 rd of a bag a royal oak briquetts an bout 5 er 6 small fist size pieces a wood. When loadin the basket, I put a juice can in the middle, load coals an wood round that then light 10 bricks a coal an dump in the juice can, pull the can an inta the drum she goes.
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10 Lit bicks in the center with wood mixed in. All it takes!
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Bill in MN; Lots of good UDS build info to be found here as well as the links provided.

Please stop by Roll Call and tell us a bit about yourself.
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Thanks for the picture BillBo that says it all.I have been smoking meat / things for 20 yrs. with a little chief vertical load.I have tried to get bigger things in with not much luck.It's fall here in Mn and that means hunting and fishing ,I do more smoking of fish but looking at the links here the sky is the limit.This UBS is the ticket not much of a investment and great rewards.
Dutch ,I do not see a roll call link? thanks Bill
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Here you go BillinMN...http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...play.php?f=133

Nice to have you here.
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I don't know that it would waste fuel but if you had the whole ring lit in an attempt to even out the heat, you'd probably have too much heat to keep the temp below 250°. Either that or you'd have your hot spot moving in a circle around the ring.

Like Tip said, hotter in the center is the nature of the beast. Doesn't really cause any problems. They just work. Elegant simplicity and efficiency.

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whats the best holes for intake? 4 all around or just the one you put the ball valve on? so i can driil mine out now for a better burn out of the liner
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I have 4 intakes with 3 having gate valves. With having used it for a year or so I would go with 3 intakes with one having a a ball valve. The gates valves are a pita.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Seems to be the "standard" if there is such a thing.

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as far as painting goes whats the best? spray paint or painting with a brush?
i have used that high temp grill paint and think that it doesnt last long? i would think regular paint might be better?
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