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Hey everyone,
I have been thinking of making a UDS.I want to use a food grade barrel,maybe I am paraniod.But I found these on craigslist for anyone living in the area....I contacted the seller and he said they had chocolate syrup in them.Not sure if there is a liner in it or not forgot to ask.Just thought I would throw it out there.There also listed in Lafayette by the same seller.
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I'm not in Indiana but if your closer to fla there's a listing there too.
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There most likely is going to be a liner unless someone already removed it. Once you remove the liner, I would suggest doinig a good burn in it anyways.
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It would be so much easier to use an oil drum,I have access to them right down the road....just not sure how safe they are.
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Get some beers, a couple of pallets and burn that bad boy out! The liner will burn out also.
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If you are close enough to go see the barrels, do it. Open them, smell them and judge if it was Chocolate. I picked-up 3 from a supplier in Toledo and thet are perfect, and with the low be developed in the barrel, I'm not burning;I feel it will not be toxic. In the event I....Oh, nevermind.LOL
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You talking about the oil drum?I contacted the guy with the chocolate drums he said there is no liner,he said they have a red primer on the inside.What you guys think?
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The "red primer" is the liner.
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Thanks Rick,
I think I am going to see if I can get one of these this weekend.You just burn these liners out right?
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Burn it out and then take a grinder to it and get it down to bare metal.
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Umm . . . sort of. Many have tried. Some have succeeded. Some gave up and found a different drum.icon_redface.gif

You need a BIGfire to get that red liner out. Drill your intake holes first so your fire can get lots of air and don't skimp on the wood.

After you burn it, wirewheel/grind/whatever it takes to get the inside to bare metal and your good to go. Goggles, ear plugs, and a GOOD quality masks are a good idea for the wirewheeling part.

Good luck.


On Edit: Oops . . . Rick beat me to it.biggrin.gif
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You had a more detailed reply though PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You guys are a great help,thanks!
I know this issue has been thrown around quite a bit here.The whole deal about a drum that has had oil in it vs. the food grade one.The oil drum is easier to get and wouldn't have that liner in it.From my perspective I would think a good cleaning and then a good burning would take out all that crap....If not I am in trouble I have ate a lot of pig out of a big oil drumPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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