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Still have not heard from Grillinski about selling his pistons, but I found this site http://www.fattiepistons.blogspot.com/

I have no idea if it is up and running or not!

Thanks again for the nice comments folks! I really like the thing. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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This site is up, has anybody ordered one?

Wondering about quality.
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Well I went out and bought the stuff to make one the day I saw this post. I think I might have about 3 dollars in materials. If I had seen the site I would have just bought one from these guys because the profits go to send teen boys to camp... well worth the 10 bucks they are charging. It's just PVC pipe with an end cap glued on. The worst that could happen is the cap come off and if they used PVC glue... that aint happenin. I'd say you could order one and feel safe that the thing will hold up longer than me or you.
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I still haven't heard anything about the site or if anyone actually got one yet.
Mine is still holding up. It's made a bit different than the one on the web site, but I'm happy with mine.
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I just ordered one myself. I donate more than the cost for the same type of fund raisers. I'll let you know how it works out.
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Has anyone bought/received a FATTY PISTON? My account shows the transaction took place on Oct. 30th, but yet nothing in the mail. I went to the web site, but ddn't notice a contact icon.
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I was going to buy one from that site, but after reading your still waiting for yours.. I went down to the plumbing store and bought the material to make my own. For $3.50 i was able to get enough pieces to make two. One i will be giving to heliboydoesbbq when he gets here next week.
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After reading this a while ago, I finally remembered while at the store. Just made 3, I bought a 10'length of 3/4" ID at $2.49, 6 3/4' caps to fit @ $.32 ea and a 10' length of 1 1/4 ID $2.78. I made 3 for under $8. I have enough pvc left to make about 8 more at the cost of 64 cents each. I put the caps on each end of the plunger as the fit inside the 1 1/4 pipe perfectly. So the final cost would be around a $1.16 plus tax each to make 11 of them with some of the larger pvc left over. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks for posting Cowgirl, can't remember if I replied before but looks awesome, esp the weave.
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I ordered on Oct 22. Have not received anything yet.
Looking thru my PayPal records I found this.... FattiePiston@gmail.com

I'll give it a few more days. icon_neutral.gif
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what is the disk you use?
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If your asking me I just put a cap on each side, fit perfect.
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As I understand it the guy's just started up & it's not like it's a big company, more a cottage industry. Some leeway in case he's been caught out by volume/time to build etc might be fair (although he should be emailing if there's going to be long delays). Just my 2p's worth (about $0.025 tongue.gif).
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heres to your piston!

Quote from smokemifyougotem

" For $3.50 i was able to get enough pieces to make two. One i will be giving to heliboydoesbbq when he gets here next week."

Thanks man... I look forward to the thanksgiving hoiliday with you and the fam again... it snowed two feet in bozeman while I've been gone..

SO turkey fatties and BEER! Rock it! Broncos!
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Yes sir!! cant wait to see you and yours. Im practicing tomorrow on a turkey. will have to let you know how it turns out!! ...also, im going nucking futs to go skiing!!!!!!!!!
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Wow. Just wow. I just found this thread after making a fattie this morning that looked like hell (tasted good though!). On my way to the hardware store this afternoon to make one. The guy in the plumbing department is going to get a good laugh. I've bought my share of PVC there over the years, so he assumed that I did my own plumbing. One day I explained my thing for potato guns and he now thinks I'm a little "off". Now he's gonna know it for sure!
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I cut some discs out of flat thick plactic. Used a 2 1/4" hole bit and a drill press.

Still have not heard from Grillinski but sent a new e-mail today. I'll be sure to pass on any info I get from him.

Ibrocun, isn't pvc great stuff! biggrin.gif
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Why yes, it is!

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What Glue was used if the PVCGlue is not recommended??


Beautiful Fatty by the way. Do you give instructions on bacon weaving??
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I used a super gel glue.. Mine is still holding up but Oneshot said he had to re-glue his.

I do have pics on bacon weaving. lol It's a lot easier than it looks.
I'll get them posted.
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There is a great "tutorial" on this here:
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