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Boston Butts for $0.69/lb!!!

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Just got back from a trip to the local Krogers and they had butts for cheap! I dunno if it is just my local store, or company wide...
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Real good price my friend, I hope you bought more than one butt. The lowest price I ever paid was $.59 a pound, and that's not a comnon price on the West (lleft) coast. Enjoy your score!
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now that is some cheap butt!!!!!!!!!!!
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Now thats a cheap price on butts. I think we pay around 1.29 lb in Fla.
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You will occassionally find it for $0.89 from time to time over aroung lake City.
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i just got 2 for .99 per lb at our local butcher shop....our kroger wanted 1.69 per lb.
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