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All Im saying about the butt end of this post is MY LANG IS NOT JUNK and I paid a hell of a lot more than 1500 for it and it was worth every penny spent....

Now back to the original post

You will love the Lang. I bought mine and had never used a big wood burner before. With reading posts on here I was amazed at how easily I was able to handle such a cooker. I really expected it to be much more to it. I ahve to say it was much easier than using my Chargriller. I have made severeal large smokes on mine and all have went very well. CLean up is a snap and I really like Ben Lang and his bunch. i made soem mods to mine and they were happy to do them....

Ive cooked chicken, Turkey, Tons of ribs, 140# hog, Brisket, Peppers and even apple pie in the warmer, enough beans to go swimming..

1 suggestion is to get the biggest 1 you can get....I waited for almost a year just to get exactly what I wanted and I love it

A couple of my posts with my Lang


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Get a Klose. www.bbqpits.com

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I saw a Klose at a comp this weekend, real nice unit.
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lang all the way
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I've enjoyed following this thread, but I'm still on the fence...

I love my Bellfab, but I'd also love to cook on a reverse flow - because I never have...you know, just to "feel" the difference. You can type and type, trying to describe it to someone, but my guess would be that you have to cook on one to become a believer.

That said, I would think that someone with great welding skills, the proper ratios and materials, could build a nice reverse flow for a lot less than the Lang. However, I'm not knocking them - just saying I won't be able to afford one for 5 years or so. tongue.gif Also, not many have the welding skills to pull that off - and what are the chances I would meet one, or live near one, etc.

The bottom line is that I believe, as do many - that it really IS about the cook, not quite so much the cooker. A rockin' cooker helps - but hand a Lang or Klose, etc. to a novice rib-boiler, and they won't know what to do! biggrin.gif

PS - this hottie that I work with told me the other day that she and her husband boil their ribs...I was unable to hide my disgust...it came flying out of me like explosive diarrhea before I could stop myself. Now she probably thinks I'm bat-sh!t crazy. Oh well! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Pics? biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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HA!!!! Good one, Rick. My wife made me delete them all from my phone... Well at least the ones with no clothes on.


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hi there,

i need a wood smoker for smoking salmon (primarily)

I have used a small shipmate, fishermans cast iron stove with alder wood chips for years and years, but recently lost some parts overboard.

thus am looking for any info about a good smaller smoker, that can use wood chips or wood pucks....and does not need electricity.

Thanks so much!


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