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30 dollar ET 73

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Dude, I TOTALLY kicked myself when I saw this. I just finally pulled the trigger a couple hours ago on eBay and got one for $43.79. For the heck of it, I went thru the process on your link just long enough to see what shipping would be for the $30 thermometer. It was $15.90, pretty steep! I paid $4.99 for a grand total of $48.78. So I guess they are about a wash. Thanks for the heads up though. If they didn't bend ya over on shipping it would be a steal.
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Yep same here. I found this a couple of weeks ago and got all excited untill I seen the shipping. I backed out of it and ordered from the guys at BBQ Bonanza for about the same price. Excellent service from them as well!!
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Please don't deal with this place..They ran me around for a month waiting to get my et73. paypal got my money back for me quickly but it wasn't worth the hassle. If you look around you won't find a phone number for customer service only an email that takes weeks for them to respond
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This is the only site I kind find on BBQ bonanza. I think I am in the wrong place. Can you show me the link where you purchased yours?
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Probably a scam and they get you on shipping..

Got mine at, $44 out the door, free shipping..

The best price I've seen on them was from Cabela's for $38 and free shipping but that was a sale..
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Here it is but looks like it went up in price since I bought mine a month ago. The few extra bucks is worth the great service you get from these guys though. Plus their shipping is realistic.
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Bought the unit from the link 3montes. Thanks. Also got a 3 inch BBQ Temperature Gauge for the side of my drum. Total was 88 dollars, a little more then I was going to spend but its done. I am sure it will be worth it in the end.
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Thats it if bob said not to mess with these guy it see ya then.
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Et 73?

I still have my doubts about the reliability and customer support from Maverick. I sent them mine to look at 3 weeks ago. I was told Friday (after calling) that my unit was unrepairable (used it 3 times) and they were sending a new one out.

Still waiting, maybe they will send extra probes to make it all better

I like the unit, and I understand that they have a price point but I would spend more money on a sturdier unit.
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I haven't had any trouble with either of mine so far..(knock on wood) But what is out there that is equivelant to the ET73? One that has both smoker and meat probes on one unit?
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I must admit I bought one last year and used it quite a bit when I used my drum but since I got my offset I don't use it at all. Even fired the drum up last night and still didn't use it. I have went through two chamber probes already and have a brand new chamber probe in the cupboard. Three so far icon_frown.gif good news I haven't paid for any replacements yet.

Once I got used to my smokers it rarely if ever gets used any more.
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i just ordered mine from bbqbonanza....
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when I bought mine on eBay, I didn't realize it was coming from BBQ Bonanza. They got it from KC to Eastern Iowa in 2 days. Good service!
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Amazon for 39.99 free shipping.

Hi all,

Just joined.

Jut getting started in smoking after many years away.

Here is the link:

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