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Next best thing to a Thermapen

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I'd love to buy a thermapen but right now it is outa my price range........Is there anything cheaper along the same lines as a Thermapen that would work just as good? I live in the Blue Springs, MO area. Thanks
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CDN Proaccurate

This was recommended as a Best Buy from America's Test Kitchen. I have had this for over 3 years and it works great. For around $20 you can't beat it.
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They have been running some specials on the older model, you might give them a call and see what they got left at the special price. I use their MTC model and really like it.
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There are a few different styles in that brand to choose from, am I right thinking this is the one you ( ) were posting about?
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Got this one as a gift and it seems to work really well - this guy is cheaper than Amazon and shipping is free
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I bought a thermometer at Wally world for 16.00 and it tested out just fine maybe a coupleof degrees off. So thats what I'm using with my Pirex digtal thermometer at a price of 40.00
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