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new toy

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will just score 4 pices of pipe 4',51/2' , 3', 8' x 36" all 4 the same diam.buddy found them this morning while he was cutting a ditch for a new water line for the city. ask the old man what he wanted for them ,he told hime you want the you can have them but you have to take all of them and the trailer to.and all the steel aroud it . he call me ask if i wanted it i tld him he** yah. he said good i just left your house it is already there. get out the torch and welder lets go to work.
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Great score, bigboy! Sound like you have enough material there to make a couple of decent sized smokers for you and your buddy. Looking forward to watching your build.
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Sounds like a deal to me...
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It sounds like a heck of a deal for you. Then yopu get a new toy out of the deal too youcann't ask for better then that. So keep the Q coming and let us see and help you build it. Congrats.
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